How to beast whit Hugo

Well i just would like to know what everybody do against certain characters, their gameplan and everything else, i consider my Hugo as one of the top in the nation, (well there isnt that many out there anyways), since i play all the time at FFA (known for the top competition at 3s) and being the student of the best Hugo and Alex in the nation Adolfo. Many of you guys might not heard of Adolfo cause he doesnt play that many tourneys but this guys is a fucking beast.

Anyways just post the sickes shit you did whit Hugo, your sickes matches and why not post a video 2. We’ve been doing console practice at my friends house lately and i will post a couple of videos here and there. Dont do any shit talking please :arazz: about consider myself as one of the top Hugos in the nation, i can back that shit up and if you dont trust me i’ll see you at EVO and we can money match :wgrin:

Your Hugo sucks.

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let’s have some hugo battles ray. . tomorrow. . I know i’ll lose tho, lol

What’s up Ray. Hopefully I can give some good tips about the Makoto matchup as I play it quite a bit with Knuckledust. (ec makoto player) He will generally use SAII because of the damage scaling on SAI against Hugo. This is my experience, and though I’m not as experienced a player, I think it might help out.

The way I play this matchup, is to make the Makoto feel as though dashing won’t work, and to put her in the corner. I also try to make the player fear earthquake bombs/Gigas up close and the clap (option to meat squasher)/overhead/sweep wakeup game because she has no shoryu.

Makoto has only one useful poke that can beat out Hugo’s general clk/clp/cmk/lk in my experience… her low forward will either beat or trade with what I feel are his most important ways to stop her from dashing (the sweep mixed with s/clk) but it will lose clean to the standing mp, his other best tool imo. Other than cmk, Makoto will have a hard time in the poking game and have to rely some on jumping and other ways to mix up besides blind random dashing/karakusa.

I also will try to corner her ASAP despite SAII working best for Makoto in the corner as it is hard to get a stun on Hugo. She also can’t do much in the corner besides a karakusa anyway (beaten by earthquake bomb/gigas) or to jump. She can be setup for ume backbreakers quite easily and controlled in the corner.

I don’t think SAIII works so well in this match because of the tendency of Makoto players to rush a lot of the time… if she is coming to me, and I can stuff her dashes and get meter decently I might as well let her try to hit me and get parry/gigased. I play a defensive Hugo though, based mostly on what I see Hayao do, and I use meat squasher tricks and go for attacks but not as aggressively as I’ve seen Adolfo be.

You need to start downloading the japanese ranbats Ray…this last one has YSB beating Tokido (ownage chun li)

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Why don’t you start by posting your own vid?

The best stratagey for Hugo is to tap down immediately at the start of the character select screen and choose Ken.

Or does tapping down give you Yang? I donno, don’t play Hugo.

But seriously I would say that anyone trying to use Hugo not get discouraged because Hayo and YSB have proved that he doesn’t have to lose.

Calm down. --TB


for the first time in my life i agree whit matt “the pretty” chin.


why diss him he didn’t say anything wrong ~ im sure he was just kidding about the choose ken part but didn’t you see what he wrote on the bottom??

ray was kidding too.

heres one of my vids playing a tourney at Arcade Infinity.

not a perfect performance cause of the stix, they were jap stixs.

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Wow, your Oro is pretty good.

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how the fuck did you get away with dash dash hammer frenzy so many times? that’s the worst tactic ever.

And you didn’t 360 him once, no tick throws, you didn’t follow up your parries that good, mostly with a single clap, I’m seriously doubting your the best Hugo in the nation :confused: … f.HP… WTF!!!

Also you forgot to take a step forward to get the back breaker in after Ultra throw>>clap, also you need to throw out the clap waaaaaaay earlier than that

And I didn’t see any beasting