How to BEast Whit Ken


I can show you how to beast with Ken.

When the match starts you gotta remember to remind yourself that you aren’t always going to be as prepared as you probably should. Consider this! Do I need to refer to youtube matches of beknownstd equality!

I am going to be playing you guys on XBOX LIVE on my gamertag dander420 and I will be taking names and saving replays and stuff because this is going to go have to go in to the history books so we can remember it by watching it in the future. YES, YOU HEARD IT HERE. REMEMBER IT!

You’ll wonder if you’re really expecting what you think you’re expecting. You’ll be like “…but this isn’t SF4…I can’t just lock in those lyrics, correct as they may be, and expect them to hold…” and then I’ll be like, "…dude, quit being such a fag and let’s just play already already…already…alreayd…laldreyad…adlre…’’…

I’ll see you guys in the locker rooms.


Wha? I love you, I think.


sorry buddy but you’ll never capture the magic of the original


I don’t what that is


Dander, half the posts you make I have a hard time even telling what you’re trying to say.

No offense it’s just you’re an awkward one.


This is either the single most revolutionary piece of text to grace the English language since Shakespeare’s works.

Or just shit. I cannot tell.


But I already know how to mash out uppercuts with Ken. What more can you possibly teach me?


Ken Mirror. Right. Now.


lettuce ketchup to reality and beef cereal here for a minute. you’re not making any sense brah


What you guys didn’t realize was that it was all really just a dream.


How I beast white ken:
pick Q
Kara throw
you win (perfect?)