How to beast whit Nad!



Shoryuken - SSF4 Dan IS A BEATS!!111

If you need any advice, feel free to post here and ask. I can tell you anything from basic bnb setups and full screen ultra awesomeness.


I don’t want to sound mean, but after watching that video, I think you would not stand a chance against lots of guys on this forum. You will have to show much more in order to support your claim of being “greatest Dan player of all time”.

I recommend you to have a look at the videos on the Dan Video Thread. There are people there who would have taken care of that Adon in less than 30 seconds per match.


OP is really Dan IRL.


I can take you as my special pupil if you want to…but i must warn you, the road to saikyo is really tough and dedication is required.

i can give you this ticket…here…for -50% subcription fee :smiley:

you can fight jimmy to warm up…i have work to do now…

goes to sleep


You need your face checked. CHECKED!

This guy is the best Dan ever. Real talk.


As a dedicated dan player since the alpha series, judging good Dan players is difficult. Because he is essentially so basic and has very few “reliable online” impressive combos, i.e. you see alot of videos on youtube with ridiculous Dan combo’s and I would love to see any example of anyone consistently knocking those out online or in a real match in general.

Dan’s general game is mixups, and smart play. The OP particularly in that first round, threw out 3 or 4 desperation Koryuken’s where if your opponent was better he would have capitalized on. If you want to throw out a random krk, focus cancel it.