How to beat a crouch tech mashing vega?



Hey guys i was just wondering how in the hell do you break someones defence when literally all they do is sit there mashing jab and strong, and if you get too close they just sit there crouch teching. ive tried little frame traps here and there with cr. strong but it doesnt work too consistently. i mean when you have a vega that sits there masing jab and strong its very hard to move forward, if he hits you once you get a combo and get taken for a ride and if you jump he just jumps up with his OP air throw which you literally as Ryu can do nothing about exept to not jump, i just find this an extremely frustrating match, i think vega has to be the most cheap troll awkward character in this game and thats saying a lot i think considering how many other trolls this game has haha. but all help appreciated :slight_smile:


You don’t understand the match up and how to pressure. Probably lack footsies for the knockdown too.

If you are in close try crouch jab, stand, crouch (insert normal). If you hit, he’s waiting to see you stand in order to interrupt. If you have meter, test him with crouch jab, take a step, safe shoryuken. If those aren’t working, crouch jab, kara throw should work.

Every time you are in, it isn’t free mixup damage. You have to understand what your opponent is doing and have a plan to defeat it. If your opponent is late teching, walk up with positive normals and push him to the corner or skip the tick and just throw. You can also late ex tatsu. There’s tons of stuff to beat late teching. If your opponent is reacting to your walk up, fake with a stand into a normal. Play with your opponent’s reactions. If your opponent is straight mashing, frame trap em. Each time you are in, you have to use the information you have on your opponent to guess what they will do, then counter em. If they get free, remember how they got free and the next time you are in, counter that thing they did. Once you get used to reading/predicting your opponent’s actions, street fighter opens up…


If he’s teching consistently you shouldn’t have any problem opening him up with a properly timed normal. The problem lies in if the Vega can’t tech consistently, like you say he’s mashing tech, your frame traps won’t work reliably and reading his defense is useless because he doesn’t know when he’s teching or not. I wonder sometimes whether this is what daigo meant when he said the throw system in the game was ugly (or something to that effect) in 2009. Its purely random then. The best counter I’ve found in that case is walk out walk in Kara throw if you space it perfectly outside the range of his then it’s quite safe and since his teaching is inconsistent then it’s even less likely he’ll get the tech. Other than that just meaty throw him on every knock down, hopefully it’ll lead to his teching becoming more consistent and then you can go for the counter hit. If you resort to relying on overhead for damage instead of the throw game then the risk reward is definitely not in your favour considering it’s only going to get you 80 damage and then slight frame advantage at a further distance and your risking a wakeup dp or ultra.