How to beat a Turtle Hugo?

If you play on 2DF you know of one player Killer Scout who basically Turtles as Hugo. This guy is really difficult to break through; Hugo has very damaging pokes and meaties that hit half a screen away. Basically if you take 4 hits, you’ve all ready lost half your life.

Any strategies for dealing with a Turtle Hugo?

lol u mad?


that stock phrase is played out.

watch vids, up your damage, don’t get hit, play safe, pick your spots, smoke weed, drink coffee, try again.

Well as you’re on 2DF, link us to some replays, we might be able to point out holes in your game. You haven’t even mentioned which characters you use.

rush that shit down…:rofl::lol:

Pick Q, get 3 taunts in and watch as Hugo comes out of hibernation to rush you down.

EDIT: i.e. After increasing your defense, sit and wait until Hugo comes to you. Also, if you taunt your opponent he’ll often come after you and you can plan according to how he comes at you.

Guaranteed strategy: turtle with Hugo. teh mindgamems11

pick gouki. and keep away him forever…watch yuki otoko vs hayao