How to beat Amaterasu?

I have a hard time with, and I don’t care anymore I just want a team that’s built specifically for stopping the bitch

The bitch is really small, so I can’t zone the bitch out since the bitch goes under all beams, the bitch is probably the safest character in the game, the bitch has crazy one button combos and I don’t know why the bitch didn’t get nerfed along with Sent


You know, there are so many worthless threads doomed to be locked everyday that I can’t even get any enjoyment out of using inb4thelock.gif anymore.

blah, blah, blah, get butthurt about people telling you to ask this shit in character section or general strategy, and then get thread closed.

Moving on.

Probably would be better asking in the ammy forums tbh.
But it depends who you’re using since you didnt tell that. All I can say is block and don’t get hit.

Probably would be better asking in the ammy forums tbh.
But it depends who you’re using since you didnt tell that. All I can say is block and don’t get hit.

Play ammy yourself.

Suggestion to mods. Remove the “Post New Thread” button from the top of this forum and force users to actually scroll down all the way past the character specific forums, not only to make them actually look at them, but to make it all the more annoying for them to create these pointless threads.

wait befor you close this I think I know the answer.
Its Sentinel right!?

This. Or at least have a post limit for new members… something around 20-30 before allowing a new thread in anywhere else but the Newbie Forum. And Mr “The Moon” - read your replies and I suggest you avoid using some of that colourful language.

Hit her until she dies

the only character that doesn’t work on is phoenix

Pick Mike Vick. He’s suppose to be a hard counterpick.

awwww :rofl:

although the bitch has NO bad matchups i think zero does very well against her he has as much priority as she does but with greater mixup and his damage output is decent so basically pick zero and pick a pressure assist like a beam or akuma tatsu

Bitch? Watch your language young man, she’s a goddess.

You people who complain about pointless threads … Why?

  1. The internet can hold the information … Don’t worry you’re not protecting anything.

  2. The front page isn’t exactly crowded (Last post on front page was made roughly 18 hours ago)

  3. No one is forcing you to click on these threads that you deem not worth your while. Simply overlook them.

Perhaps what is sad is that the mods endorse this nonsense of censoring threads based on what a select few people consider worth reading … For the love of all things holy, this is a discussion forum … If a discussion is not worth having, the thread will not get replies and will eventually fall off the front page on its own.

Short of obvious flame/troll bait threads, I don’t see the reason to shut down and lock every other thread on this forum.

I Lol’d :rofl:

Now as for the OP … The key to beating Ammy is to advance guard blocked attacks.

If you don’t you risk getting grabbed … And her grab is pretty good in the sense that is allows for some crazy mixups and just so happens to be the same inputs as her BnB combo.

All in all, if you’re not attacking her, you want to put space between yourself and her … Sure she has a pretty good air dash that can be canceled via normals, but it is very unsafe.

People should read the rules and post their questions where it’s relevant instead of being lazy and hitting that “Post New Thread” button just to get attention… This thread got moved, figures…

Why was this moved to the Akuma section?

I guess a mod thought it’d be funny (and it was :lol:)

It can be canceled into a block at any point, so it’s only unsafe if the dog player pushes buttons

World´s best record in writing bitch the most times in one paragraph. So much hate towards the cute ammy :).