How to beat Amaterasu?


I have a hard time with, and I don’t care anymore I just want a team that’s built specifically for stopping the bitch

The bitch is really small, so I can’t zone the bitch out since the bitch goes under all beams, the bitch is probably the safest character in the game, the bitch has crazy one button combos and I don’t know why the bitch didn’t get nerfed along with Sent



Hit her once, she’s dead. Simple enough, considering. It doesn’t take any special team building at all.

If you want to zone her, take Storm (Whirlwind), Hulk (Gamma Wave), Doom (Rocks), or a similar low to the ground projectile assist.


There’s not much you can do against her long blockstrings so just pushblock them. Practice some good resets for your team to take her out as quickly as possible.

And if you are constantly being chipped or pressured by her Shuffle hyper, here’s a nice video with some punishes: