How to beat Athena's d.HP


I use Terrry, Kyo and Ryu. and when it comes to the end it’s always Ryu and Athena with my friend and he abuses that d.HP like no other using it all the time how do i beat using all three of my chars since he likes to mix in where Athena fights, first or thrid char. Any help please?


dragonpunch. Hit her enough times with it and she’ll stop spaming the fierce.


Crouching fierce is cheap. Ryu’s hadouken is normally the most useful move he has for stopping moves like a Rolento or Vega slide. But against Athena, her fierce can go UNDER the fireball. wtf? Because of that, even when I roll cancel with Ryu it doesn’t help.


Athena fierce seems really cheap at first but as long as you dont challenge it you are fine. What is she going to do to you other than that?

If you can bait a low fierce and it whiffs in front of you, kyo, ryu, and terry can all get a free sweep at least, ryu/terry can low fwd xx super. Just play ranges with her, it is really all she has so you can bait whiffs out of her and knock her down. Once she is down, you are at a huge advantage as all of your chars are knockdown/pressure chars.


I think what you meant to say is, you can eat a low fierce while attempting to punish :lol:


Standing strong, Standing strong into standing foward into CC, fireball games, pressure games not involving df. hit and run, zoning. Butt bounce, jumping fierce, jumping roundhouse, scb setups, etc etc etc.

Athena has more then df dont ever mistake that.


Oh yea don’t worry I know he doesn’t only use that move but yet he gets two hits from it because how it hits i never underestimate her when it comes to her supers also.


I dont see why you would, maybe you need to be a little faster there. I do this all the time and ive never seen an athena throw out a crouching fierce while she already has one out that missed, maybe you have a glitch in your copy that im not aware of.

I know that athena has other things, ive played her before, but everything else only works because of the crouching fierce. Her other tactics are just watered down versions of things that other characters do better, there are other people with way better fireball games and normals than her, the only reason she gets away with doing that stuff is because alot of players freeze because they dont want to eat 3 fierces in a row. She has rc command grab which is very good, her butt bounce is good if you use it once every 9 games or so, and she has a good crossup also, but the fact is her damage is coming from low fierces and CC’s. Everything else is just setting up low fierces or CC opportunites. Once youre scared of low fierce then she starts setting up dumb things on you like command grabs into cc’s and killing you that way. Her jump roundhouse is actually very good also. But watch any Athena player and look at the damage done by her, 80 percent of it is done by low fierces and customs, everything else is just annoying the person and setting these 2 things up. I just have to call it like I see it from every Athena player i’ve ever seen.


Hypothetical scenario.
ryu versus athena, both crouching. Athena whiffs her c. fp, ryu tries to punish with a sweep, and also whiffs because he reacted instead of anticipating. Due to the sheer speed of Athena’s fierce, instead of you punishing her, she’s now in a position to punish you.

I think that’s what Rolento boy meant.


You cam punish with reaction, you dont have to anticipate, just requires knowing the matchup a little, and I would punish with low fwd instead of rh but thats just me since id want to tack on a super right there. I know its not easy but it is what you have to do, her fierce has to be handled the same way that all the other high priority pokes this game has are handled, strong footwork is really important for getting in in cvs.


cr. fierce is easy to beat. you have to use balrog. his standing fierce hits really far. you have to outrange her. her cr. fierce doesnt reach farther than balrog’s standing fierce. wait for her to miss then punch her with those gloves. i hope you found my advice helpful:)


Except her cf ducks under rogs standing fierce.


Apparantely you havent played Athena long enough if you think all she is is just df.


Athena can’t do a thing about Balrog’s gloves. Man, I don’t know wtf you guys are talking about. Look at that range!


She can duck under standing fierce.