How to beat C.lp

I keep coming up against players who will press C.lp a lot whenever they think I am about to do a ball to punish it, I have even seen Diago do this when he used to play Ryu. Any suggestions on the best way to punish players who do this a lot.

Here is an example of someone doing it to me: [media=youtube]CXKXY__kg5I[/media]

Diago dose it a few times in this match: [media=youtube]_XVpLr8Inoo[/media]

Also any advice on how to improve my Blanka would be appreciated.

Pretty easy, stop hopping and rolling into it / beside it / through it.
They are opening themselves up for all manner of punishes by predictably spamming cr.lp anyway.
They may as well be just not blocking, the only thing it beats are rolls and hops.
Footsie them, like you were doing for a while with cr.hp but keep it at max range.
If I see someone spamming cr.lp I’ll just slide them, them or get close enough to not get hit or be in close recovery then st.hp them.
Evolve your gameplan to take advantage of their cr.lp paranoia, take it for granted that hops and rolls are out and continue pressure differently.

I like use far standing fierce against that at good range, they stop to mash crouch jab after getting hit, especially if i have a counter hit.

Slide is too risky, sweep yes against characters who can’t punish it or hardly.

Just stop hop and ball and play patiently, if he do a focus after getting hit by a poke like stand fierce, ball him lol.

Far st.hp, cr.hp, focus attack,, st.lp… depends on the matchup and situation really. The reason cr.lp was so effective against you in that match was because you kept rolling at the most predictable of times (kinda like how new shoto players always throw a fireball after a teched throw). He could have pressed virtually any button in that situation to counter those balls. Watch that replay again and take note of every time your Blanka balls got countered with a jab, and then remember to not do it again. Next time just walk forward into a Focus Attack, or just try to footsie.

RobertS., ilitirit’s got it right, you were abusing ball and hop.

If you continue playing Blanka and improving your game, you’ll notice your opponents will rarely mash on cr.lp simply because they’re not concerned about dealing with random balls/hops.

Also, that Daigo match was before the AE ball nerf, so back then HP ball was a great tool in that matchup so that’s why the Blanka was doing it so much.

Thanks for all the help guy. :slight_smile:

I am going to work on my footsie game and try to utilize Focus attack more in my games (as you might of notcied I almost never Focus attack :/).

I do somtimes seem to get in a cycle where when I ball I get punished by a normal, but when I use cr.hp they will Focus attack and do a ton of damage to me. But I guess this is a combination of me not using my Focus attack correctly, making some bad reads and using the wrong normals in my footsies.

I have started to watched my games back a bit more now and noticed I make a lot of silly mistakes repeatedly.

St.Fierce is tha troof. The blanka hi-five is the ultimate footsie tool for all your out-poking needs. Focusing spammed jabs isn’t necessarily the best idea… because shoto cr.jabs are pretty quick and focus safe, so much so that they will just break your focus most of the time. Out hitbox them with the hi-five. Sweep them from reasonably far away (too close will get you hit) or them in the forehead (usually goes over the jabs). is probably better in the long term as if you play somebody a lot, instead of moving away from cr.jab spam and moving towards jabbing hops/balls on reaction (which is what you want because it’s harder for them) they will use it to bait you into st.fierce/sweep and then focus absorb them, and crumple you. Which is fucking painful. And very easy to land because blanka heavies have longer recovery times than dead people. is pretty safe from focus at range though. I love landing st.fierce on it though, many damages from le counter hit. And from the range that far st.fierce comes out, it will always beat shot cr.jabs. No timing/effort/real spacing required.

Players when confronted with someone abusing one of their habits, will always try and find a way to turn that habit in their favour with a minor change, because that’s easier than losing the habit. So if someone you play is a cr.jab masher, be prepared for the different ways they could use that, and use it to bait you. And eventually you’ll force them to evolve their game and realize they can’t lean on hitting one button super fast as a lazy space control method.

Also don’t reliably roll and hop into them at predictable times as others have said. Lol :slight_smile:

I’m kind of glad the blanka ‘flowcharty’ stuff exists though, because it leads to anti-blanka flowcharts and xbl players always open rounds vs my character by holding downback and pressing cr.jab lots.

walk forward st.fierce has become my favourite round opener of all time.