How to beat cammy?

i play against a really good cammy all the time, and the little slut just rips me apart mostly. i usually lose both of my R1’s (against his R1 cammy), and it’s just too much for me to come back from. he usually either plays A or K cammy, which is either a turtle/random HK/cannon spike jumps, or rushdown with maximum reach standing hk and random short jumps.

i play a really good chun li myself, and i try to use crouching mk on the ground and crouching hk for AA purposes, but the fight is just so hard.

any anti-cammy strats or counter characters would be greatly appreciated.


My cammy fears most a good Ryu.

Cammy’s an easy mode character. I try not to match up Bison or Blanka when I play against her. I like using Sagat, Chun-li, and Sakura though. Sakura especially. For once, Cammy doesn’t just plain control the ground to the point of making me feel sick. Use RC LP/MP fireballs, RC MK hurricanes, and walk back s.HK. But do beware of Cammy jumping in over your attack or behind you. You’re very vulnerable after any time you whiff an RC with Sak. Know your ranges without having to think.

Vega is a very good Cammy counter too. It use to be the other way around, but now Cammy sucks against Vega. She can’t do a thing about Vega running away and RCing claw roll specials on the ground all day. The most common (and safe) counter against RC claw rolls is roll through them yourself. But Cammy has a bad roll… put two and two together.

Anybody else have anything when fighting against her? I also like using Iori, Hibiki, and Akuma if anybody has anything with those characters.

I never use d.MK anytime when I play Chun. d.MP is just so much better. The only three moves on the ground I use versus cammy:

-s.MP. You can freely poke with s.MP xx any strength fireball anytime you want against Cammy. Her roll is too slow to punish it and the block/hit stun from the MP makes it so Cammy can’t drill under the FB either.

-d.MP. Use this when Cammy levels gaps in her attack patterns (even though those gaps are infuriatingly small sometimes). After a blocked close s.HP for example. Chill for the 9 frames or whatever until the block stun wears off. Then if Cammy tries to walk up and close s.HP again, you can counter hit her with d.MP if Cammy so much as flinches on a button.

-RC HP fireball. This move is so good. I had no idea! (until I could actually do it without messing up half the time :lol: ) You get the frame advantage when it’s blocked. Even better when it hits (ie. you went through Cammy when she tried to s.HK you). Just don’t whiff it that’s all. Even though the recovery feels like it’s close to zero practically, a good, non-scrub Cammy can s.HK xx super you after.

Don’t try to cross Cammy up with Chun too much. It’s difficult with Cammy’s walk speed and small height.

d.HK everything Cammy does from the air too. I even d.HK against dive kicks. Against Sakura, I run far, far away… but against Cammy, it’s OK.

Her roll might be too slow to punish the but it is fairly easy to go from a blocking animation to a rc spiral… so if the person is decent at alll in rcing then xx fireball isnt exactly always safe…

Use Eagle.:stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I could tell you how to beat Chris Rose’s Cammy, but…how would I know?

Pick K Groove.

Pick Sagat.

Chun-li’s should stuff cammy’s s.rh. Iori does real good against cammy for 3 reasons:

Ground fireball: You can pretty much zone cammy with this, and it some her from doing cannon drills. Cammy only can jump, roll, hooligan com., or dash over it, most of which he can punish.

RC Rekkas: She can’t do shit to this really, but jump away. Her roll is too bad, if she rolls free combo.

High priority: Alot of Iori’s moves will stuff or trade in his favor. works good.

Anyone with a ground fireball does decently also, especially Rugal.

Your strategies make sense, except against K Cammy. K Cammy can easily JD those things or short jump to punish. This is why K Cammy is powerful.

Also K-sagat isn’t as powerful against Cammy as it may seem. All depends on the player’s skills.

The characters I most fear when using my Cammy are either Sagat, Cammy, or A-Sakura.

i have trouble with a-sak vs cammy still. mind sharing what gives you problems? :smiley:

That is also why P-cammy and p/k-Hibiki are good. If you can jd or parry well it takes away some of there weaknesses.

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and white shadow, cammy is one of eagle’s harder matches IMO. he owns the little whore when she jumps no doubt (with either standing mp for divekicks or cr hp for anything else), but her ground game is a little better than his. it’s definitely winnable, but it’s still a tough matchup.

and thanks for the advice kcxj. another reason why chunners can’t crossup cammy is because her cannon spike is practically a homing missile:lol:

alright heres the best character against cammy belive it or not joe as soon as you pick joe there gonna think double hurracan or how ever you spell it, anyways but in order for this to work you have to use hes knee upercut so make sure your good at it and hes knee uppercut should stuff just about anything she has. pardon my spelling im just a mexican

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You’re Mexican.

My cammy is afraid of A Sakura because I don’t know how to deal with RC fireball things. And because like, it’s like, totally dude.

Eagle’s MP Counter owns Cammy, plus his C.MK owns Spiral Arrow.:smiley:

i found the perfect way to beat cammy.

use rugal

roll cancel his wall grab

let them come to u

Jose 2.0 is smart.

If youre A-Sak I got 1 word for you.