How To: Beat Chun-Li SPinnging bird kick

i play hakan and when chun li has meter to burn and i jump at her she instantly super bird kicks me “ex version” but the i lose the life lead and i cant get near her cuz she has her long leg poke, overheads, good tick throws and other OP shit. there is this one chun player named “DHOLY” on xbox who always beats me but its only cuz he uses top tier and i stick to hakan.


thanks for sharing

LOL… ‘SPinnging’


more like “sharnngning”


Block. :china:

You can’t. It’s the EX version it’s unblockable that’s why she’s top tier.

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now everything makes sense…

PD: safe jump

sigh u probably want a more detailed explanation. well basically a safe jump is a jumping attack that is so well timed that if the opp does a reversal attack you will land and be able to block the reversal, in this case EX SBK. A safe jump is best timed after an untechable knockdown, such as a sweep, a throw or an super/ultra combo. It should also be noted that there are reversals which cant be safe jumped such as the shoto DPs because they are 3 frames, the only exception is Dan, his DP is 4 frames. So if you manage to do a perfect safe jump, chun’s EX SBK will whiff and you will be able to punish her.

PD2: of course none of this really matters since hakan is shit

You can’t jump her - come on, she spins her legs around heads down. What move (not taking plasma and fire into account!) should beat that? NONE! Accept it. She’s top tier for a reason!

lol don’t jump in on Chun li on wakeup when she has meter (ever think of that?). She has good footsies, learn your spacing. Sounds like you just don’t know the basic fundamentals. You can’t complain about a character being OP in SSF4 like sagat was in vanilla because everybody was nerfed down in damage output (including Chun li, she got some slight nerfs, meaning she used to be even better better. She wasn’t god tier then nor should she be god tier now).

This is totally a “cool story bro” thread.

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