How to Beat Chun?

Hello chun li players, yes I know I shouldnt be asking how to beat her in her own subforum but I really need help, I just cant win, no matter which character I use she kicks my ass.

So do you have any tips on how to destroy chun? haha

If you want to know right now I am using Oni and sometimes Yun.


You should have few issues using this Chun killing broken bit of crap :wink: Seriously Yun can bully her about quite a lot and well spaced divekicks and divekick spam, blockstring pressure mix ups are hard for her to deal with…

Don’t rush to get in on her decent Chuns can play footsies and AA well so take your time, focus pretty effective against Chun to get past her pokes at the right range as a lot of Chun’s aren’t great with leg cancels from anything other than cr.short. Build meter with him his palm is pretty bloody hard to do much to with her… Once you are close use that Divekick and pressure the hell out of her…

Really though if you’re using Yun and are anything like decent with him this match up should not be giving the trouble it sounds it is… Its mostly likely that you don’t have Yun’s pressure game and spacing game right at a fundamental level rather than it been Chun’s fault (sorry got to defend her)…

Yeah, I was going to say “divekick and shoulder block harder and smarter”, which is pretty much it. :lol: :sad:

  • Palm to eat fireballs
  • Safe dive kicks into lows, if hit, hit-confirm into Up Kicks or Palm (Up Kicks is better – less damage but better positioning for wakeup pressure), if blocked, back up and dive kick again, if blocked, EX command throw > cr.MP > cr.MP > st.MP xx Up Kicks, rinse repeat
  • LK Up Kicks as anti-air
  • EX Shoulder through fireballs
  • If Chun starts walking forward, EX Lunge Punch, if she blocks you’re safe, if it hits, follow up with another Lunge Punch (LP? not sure).

Yun OWNS Chun. There should be no reason you have trouble in the Chun matchup while using Yun.

Oni is a different story.

we could get sum matches going on xbl NGB 2 Sliick from there i can show you how to beat up on Chun li

Chun can punish both of these really easily, but yes Yun beats chun. Sweep beats both of those options. If you can’t sweep EX lunch punch from outside sweep distance you need to work on your reactions, that shit is MAD slow.