How to beat Crouch Techers?

Could someone help me out alittle bit?

Go for frame traps.

Try timing your move to hit their crouch tech. If you have time for an essay, read this frame trap post made by Joon.

I honestly feel alittle stupid trying to read that sad face -__-

It’s an extremely in depth guide to frame traps. It’s a lot easier to understand after you’ve tried frame traps but I personally don’t think you don’t need to read it because frame traps are about feeling your opponents rhythm. For me, it came naturally but I don’t know if that goes for everyone.

Try these when an opponent blocks:, cr.lp, small delay,, cr.lp, small delay, cr.hp into a Fireball., cr.lp, walk back slightly then

After the, cr.lp, try timing the next attacks to beat their crouch tech.

Edit: I actually never read it, I just skimmed it…I hope that helps…

thanks man

Block string then walk away till they crouch tech, and punish their whiffed with your kara throw, old tactic but always works.
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Yeah ken lucks out on punishing crouch techers with karathrow. Go for an apparent throw setup, walk close on their knockdown or after a few jabs if you’ve conditioned them to throw… take a step BACK, watch the short whiff, karathrow it.

If you have meter, c.lp, c.lp, stand up, hp srk. Get that full ultra. You don’t always want to delay or stand up, though. If they’re mashing crouch tech, you’ll usually get hit by the If they’re mashing, you just do the frame trap as if it were a combo and hitting. There will still be a 1-3 frame gap that will trap a crouch tech masher.

I find Ken’s BEST frametrap to be his cl standing MK. Against crouchtechers I just input one cr.lp then do the clmk followed by crmk xx tatu/srk on hit or just a fireball on block. Good luck

wait half a second then shoryuken

i’ve been liking, cr.lp, st. hk myself. not sure if its the safest thing to do. but the will go right over any’s that get stuck out and counter hit it for some sweet damage