How to beat crouch teching?



Sorry if this question has been already posted.
Which strategies/mixup do you use to beat crouch teching?
Which frame trap do you use and why?



cr jab stand rh its short and to the point


Thanks, It works.
But The opponent may “grab” your roundhouse if he uses a standing throw after blocking cr.jab.
Is there an option that works in both situation?


you could try a delayed and plinked jab+short+roundhouse for your frame trap if you’re getting thrown constantly out of it.


any 3-4 frame trap should work

I personally hit cr. Jab to confirm hit/block and then hit cr. mk. The trade is always in your favor and if you time it just right you’ll counter and should be able to link a st rnd house or even a cr. rnd house for an untechable KD…let the games begin


mk gets u a counter hit

mk (counter hit) > Sweep/Jab/Mp


Crouch teching like if you’re in a blockstring then they tick you?

I believe Rog’s, as with most others, cr. short will beat grab. I’ve started dabbling with it and after cr. short you can link at least 2 jabs and as we all know, jabs can turn into just about anything.


Um … I suppose the short has to be a counter hit? I’m pretty sure that you can’t link duck jab off duck short. Although it would be awesome if you could because you could do some high low stuff like empty jump duck short into duck jab into whatever.

Blocked duck jabs into walk back a frame into duck strong -> jab dash straight -> super works quite nicely.


1 frame link I do believe. You can also do something similar with cr mk ~ cr lk/lp which is a much easier link.


Yeah I think so too because I do it quite often. When you land juggle ultra and do the typical meter build-up. I do TAP then a HB that crosses up as their waking up and most players think Rog will grab. From there I try cr. short into jabs. I’ve connected the 3 hit combo a lot but I’m thinking now a lot of it probably was on counter hit since I’m baiting a throw.

I think the cr. mk to jab or short is more than 1 frames. That’s like my BnB mix-up, punish combo. Jump-in RH, cr. mk, cr. short, ex upper loop.


Why aren’t you doing jhk hk clk ux.upper?