How to beat dhaslim

i lose to horrible dhaslims i dont know what to do very cody, i seen videos of saski beat mochi but it doesnt help me i dont know how to approach the match anybody have any tips please

patience is key. you want to be in his face, but it’s a slow process to accomplish that. twiggle your way forward, blocking every limp. only jump when it’s save (e.g fireball) because dhalsim has so incredible many anti air tools, it’s unbelievable. focus dash forward his s.hp helps too, but block immediatly afterwards (that is also true if he fishes you out of the air, he’ll punish if you dare to jump immediatly afterwards in your starting frames). trading with his limps is also in your favor. use normals with many active frames or for a knockdown and a secure way to him. mk ruffian is also quite decent but shouldnt be abused. you WILL GET HIT, this is simply unavoidable, but he has to do so many many times till you’re in severe danger. if you see him air-port press any normal and you’ll stuff anything he can do. you can also fight fireball pressure with ur own rocks. once in the corner, don’t let him go. prevent him from escaping. also, you can throw his u1, if he should do it right in your face. this way you’ll not only do damage, but also avoid being chipped / damaged by his ultra. further, you score a knockdown to keep him in place.

ps: btw please post next time in the matchup thread. ; )

Using ex ruffian on reaction to his yoga flames mid range usually catches them of guard as well.

I haven’t found a proper way to beat dhalsim either. a lot of it seems to be random stuff. like i would do a random ex ruffian and catch a limb / fireball. or a to stuff a limb. even the good cody’s i watch seem to just catch a random limb and then go to work when they get in.

thanks guys i jusgt have a tough time to get in those limbs are annoying

I, too struggle with Dhalsim. However, the following allow me some degree of success against them (granted, I don’t play many Dhalsims, so I have limited experience with them).

  1. If they incessantly spam yoga fire, play his game and spam Bad stone. Your projectile is faster (or at least, it seems this way to me) and you recover faster. You will win this war. Do it early, and you’ll cancel his yoga fire out. Do it late, and the worse that can happen (assuming it’s solely a fireball war) is you and the opponent hit each other, which works in your favor.

  2. If they begin to jump to avoid your stones, simply absorb it with focus, back away, and repeat. If you’ve EX meter, don’t be afraid to use it on Ex bad stone, to deal additional damage either when he uses regular yoga fire or simply when he’s about to touch ground again, or EX ruffian kick, which allow you to both damage him, close in on him, and knock him down, leaving him in trouble and for do what you will with him. If he begins jumping backwards, jump in after him or use criminal upper (the slow flight when he jumps should leave him just in range of the attack if you do it early enough), using jumping light attacks or heavy attacks to stuff any jumping attacks he may try to hit you with while he’s escaping. Give chase.

Also, don’t be afraid to bait jump-ins from Dhalsim using fake bad stone.

  1. If he backs you into a wall, this can work in your favor, as that not only means he can’t cross you up, which is a big part of his game (or so I think), it also lowers the effectiveness of his ultra 1, which he could otherwise use to cross you up and follow it up with either a normal or super combo for big damage (which you don’t want). This means that you know exactly where he’s going to be, which he can do in the situation at hand, and can react accordingly. If he tries and standing or crouching normal, absorb it with focus and smack him with it. If he tries to jump in at you, use jaw crusher, standing heavy kick, heavy ruffian kick, standing heavy punch, jump, or use light ruffian kick to slide under it.

Hope this helps. If not, I apologize for being useless.

As a Dhalsim main, and a Cody secondary, I personally would not recommend fighting Dhalsim in the way you are suggessting.

Dhalsim wins the fireball war, you’re completely forgetting about stand HP of Dhalsim which will be used a lot given the opportunity in a full screen fireball war, and his yoga tower which for the most part renders the stones useless. Also, you DONT wanna be in the corner with Cody against Sim lol. He can still cross you up with a teleport lol, and he’s not gonna come to you, he will be on the back foot, making good use of the whole stage behind him.

What I would personally suggest is be very patient and notice poking patterns with Dhalsim and take it from there. Throwing the stones is a good way to build up meter for a good chance for EX Ruffian his fireball, but know that you lose the fireball war.

This is a 6-4 match in Sim’s favor, it’s not easy to get in at all on a Dhalsim who knows what he’s doing. You have to do a lot of stalking in this match.

Really? Guess the ones I fought never thought of that, then. I (and I guess, they), figured they couldn’t get behind me as I was already as far back as possible.

add me. I main Dhalsim.
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Best way to learn is to play a dhalsim and just keep trying things until you figure it out. I try to have at least one of every character on my lists so I can work on matchups.

Good luck man.

I’ll add you Poison, PSN is GAMBEATT so you know who’s adding you lol

ex ruffian shits all over his fireballs

When you actually have meter, which requires either Bad stone or doing damage, the latter of which requires being in his face isn’t easy to do (for me, anyway).

Whenever he teleports press a button and you will fuck him up.