How to beat Fireballs - Die Kartoffel ist geduldig und vielfältig



like the title says "the potato has patient and versatile"
to beat fireballs you realy need to EAT Chipdamage dont let it get on your nerves and do stupid shit like EX-Lariat eat the damage and move steady forward learn patience
My game moved up quite a bit after i learned to keep it slow and move inch for inch it realy helps here. Dont forget Hugos Focusatack its good and fast (compaired to his other atacks)
And dont be readable use diffrent ways to move in… dont allways jump use all the ways he has to handle fireballs and try to learn the spacing for jumping.HP but it can be punished so dont abuse it

honestly a good guile is hell if you manage to beat him with patience and versatility im impressed… everything else seems managable


I wish claps were a more viable way to counter fireballs. As they are now, I either do it accidentally or just get counterhit.


to clap fireballs anywhere mid-screen or closer, you basically need to clap before it gets thrown

Like OP suggests though, my Hugo game has gotten so much better the past day or two just by taking my time and being patient against fireball characters. Hugo does have a good number of tools to get by fireballs, and as long as you keep mixing it up it can be very difficult for your opponent to keep you out.

The other perk of characters zoning and throwing tons of fireballs is that you can built Ultra meter faster by absorbing fireballs. Last night I had at least 3-4 games where I used 2 ultra’s in 1 round because of zoners chucking fireballs without challenging my focus



I have found that if you just focus a fireball, dash forward, and then stand fierce you can use it as a aggressive defensive tool on FB characters.
It’s worked well when a guile is 2 squares away from a FB and it’s done good against Sagats as well. and once you get that fierce punch in, you’re golden.