How to beat Hakan with Guile?



Seriously. I am assuming the same problems Sim has, I am having. I can’t throw ANY projectiles the entire match, similarly to Blanka, they just get slid under. On wakeup he can SPD me or flying throw me in mid air…
I just don’t feel like I can threaten him or beat him at any space.


Against slidey Blankas, I fake SB by walking forward to bait a slide for a punish. If they are successfully sliding on reaction, then I’d guess you are throwing SBs from too close of proximity.


Throwing out the odd focus as bait works wonders against Blanka too. Lets them know they can only do it on reaction, and while I think it’s possible it’s certainly not easy. Does Hakan Slide armour break?


Key component to beating Hakan or at least making it somewhat easier…

Upside Down Kick beats a good number of Hakan’s options on hard knockdown. He can’t wake up spd you nor can he wake up grab. Upside Down Kick is also 0 on block so you can keep the pressure on him somewhat. It also beats both of his Ultra’s on wake up. Apparently Guile stays airborne long enough for him to avoid Hakan’s U2(the one where he lays down on the ground?).

Hakan’s also tend to hold focus quite abit when they’re standing midscreen. Get into the habit of picking up on when they hold focus and reacting to it with an armor breaker. You also kind of want to be very sporadic/random with your sonic booms.

Good thing to note that Upside Down Kick avoids a good number of ground ultra’s. Vega’s U2, El Fuerte’s U1 & U2. Both of Hakan’s Ultras as well.


Thanks, sometimes they are from full screen though!


I’m pretty sure Hakan slide armour breaks. I am not positive, though.


Upside Down Kick is not considered Airborne at any point during the move so although Hakan’s U2 hits absolutely anything near him that is airborne, UDK does not apply.


Can Hawk or Gief SPD you out of UDK?


Throw invincibility on UDK starts at frame 6 so you can get grabbed by anything before that