How to beat handicap trial 5 if you are bad like me!

At the start of the match once Ryu walks in range he will always eat low forward, tatsu, uppercut. After that you can sweep him until he dies. There’s a timing to it though. You have to hit the sweep right about when his feet touch the ground on his wakeup. Now you don’t have to parry shit or have any kind of skill to win!

Yun vs Alex is much harder. For that one, abuse cr.MK xx Lunge and cr.MK xx palm. When palm hits, cancel it into super.

It takes a few tries, but alex ALWAYS follows the same pattern.

Yeah I had a hard time with that one. He will parry you if you start the match with a lunge and he will powerbomb you to death. I would do that every so often for entertainment value.

Ryu lets you jump in for free at the start of the match. I got two jump in combos which led to stun, comboed into super, then spammed hadoken for the win.

Neutral jump at sweep distance. Ryu will throw fierce DP and whiff. BnB. Repeat.

He dashes in the 3rd time to Standing HK me.

EDIT: I DEED IT. Now time for the 4th.

Yeah, if you neutral jump too early, he’ll either throw a fireball, st. rh, or st fp you.