How to beat Hidden Missiles?

My main teams are:
Online= Nem/Wesker/Hawk Nova/Doom/Strange
Offline= Viper/Doom/Strider

I don’t know how to impose my will/game against a guy using a Hidden Missile neutral game. I feel like that they always have frame advantage because I’m having to chicken block a lot of missiles/mix ups/frame traps and by the time the missiles are gone they are out and calling more. Most of my neutral game isn’t safe because a missile can interrupt me and then I lose that character. I try to snap in Doom, but once my opponent senses that I’m trying to do that he usually will counter since he knows I’m doing it.

Something that can work sometimes is using Strange bolts of ballsack to punish assist, but that gets punished by point Hulk, point Spencer, and point Nova hard.

I don’t really know what to do. Neutral game and footsie stuffs are usually my forte. I play Guile in SF4 and know spacing well, but when the screen is covered with explosives I don’t know how to strategies. The frustrating part is that online, these people who rely a lot on Doom have terrible neutral games and execution… when I do snap in their Doom and shit on it they usually fall apart afterwards.

Just a couple of general rules

  1. All of your teams have a horizontal assist, you got to be mindful of the HM call and counter-call it with Greyhound/Bolts/Plasma Beam, you need to work on protecting these better or spacing yourself from your assist if they’re getting hit.

2)All of your teams sans Nemesis have ways to outrun the missiles mid combo, rocket punch, EX-TK, or just cancel into super and eat the missiles. I’m sure nemesis could probably even eat the missiles with his armored super. Barring that, snap when you’re about to get hit. Harder but still viable, you can rock a TAC attempt and the missiles will likely entirely whiff on the character coming in, you get a free TAC infinite and kill.

But really the best way to beat missiles is to make sure they never come out, and if you fail to do that, you need to abuse your tools to make the missiles whiff on the way down. It all stems from your mobility and how well you move around the screen. Nova and Viper definitely should have the advantage when it comes to hitting assists/protecting assists with the setups you have.

Let me preface this by saying you should always be playing Nova vs. most HM teams even if it’s with one of his bad matchups up front (Dante, Wolverine, Spencer and Hulk to some degree). Viper has her way of fighting flood teams but Vajra tends to get bopped pretty bad by Missiles, and the Nemesis team is garglemesh anyway, thus the Nova team has better overall options to deal with it. (I also can’t really give you good Viper advice lol)

I personally don’t have a problem with missiles unless they’re being protected by Soul Fists, Dark Spells, or a big body. Nova has ways to maneuver around them in neutral and good ways to punish them once they get lazy with their calls. Don’t be afraid to hyper punish them with Gravimetric Blaster or Speed Tackle. If they’re smart they’ll stop calling it so brazenly and if they’re dumb, they’ll keep calling it and lose their Doom. But more importantly, you have access to Plasma Beam which is the scissors to Hidden Missiles’ paper. It depends on your opponent’s options, but unless they have a way to snipe your Doom, you can just call it when you hear them call theirs and it’ll blow through basically everything to hit Doom. Bolts is good for this too, but it’s pretty slow and leaves him quite vulnerable, so I don’t think you can call it with quite the same impunity as Plasma Beam.

I also want to emphasize patience. Nova doesn’t always have to go in; chilling in the upper corner with a shield in front of you is a fine way to wait out the missiles and put you in the best situation to call your Beam in reaction. Even Morridooms and Doomammus (lol) get impatient sometimes, and you might see them move forward to try and stop you from playing this way.

If you really feel like “this guy is ass and it’s only Hidden Missiles making this match hard,” then snap Doom in every time. Do it mid-combo, do it in reaction to slow normals or air grab attempts, do it when missiles are about to cockblock you as TenguEgg said. In the end you have to take care of what gives you trouble and not play into your opponent’s structuring.

Lastly, keep in mind that while most players online are dummies and it might seem like HM is their crutch, there are also a lot of players online who are smarter than they seem and are using the assist to their advantage. I know this doesn’t seem like much for consolation, but don’t beat yourself up too bad. But if their active Doom is also bad, idk anymore. Good luck to you.

PS: If you’re on XBL I can run a Hulk/HM team against you sometime to give you practice.

kill doom when he out with missiles. super xfc super. or just use alot of horizontal beams and assists against him. doom is vulnerable a lot of the time out. another thing is using the invulnerability from a throw to avoid the missiles. u can also damage doom and use a snap, which are godly quick, and get him in destroying him effectively or limiting his help recuperation.

I re-edited this to make it more relevant to the the OP.

I agree with TenguEgg’s comments. Your Nova/Doom/Strange team, and Viper/Strider/Doom are capable of dealing with Hidden Missiles. And though you may not be able to stop them if they’re called, you can deal with them when they are out.

Justin Wong had mentioned ways in an interview with Evil Geniuses here . Amongst his adviced ways of dealing with Missiles were through movement like Yipes had against Chris G at YBO, snapbacks, cinematic supers and combos or moves that move away from missiles like Wolverine’s H berserker slash.

You can also throw the point character to avoid missiles to, or use Nova’s Centurian Rushes and Rocket Punches to move around the screen.

Sometimes, you’re gonna end up just having to block missiles. I’d advice trying to chicken-block them or be in the air while they put you in blockstun to avoid the tri-dashers high-low mix-ups, but you may be able to be crossed under or thrown afterwards so be aware of this.

And lastly, try and close down your opponent if they have missiles assist. They aren’t safe to just call out at neutral, so if you can try and rush your opponent down to not give them a chance to get them out. Or utilize Viper’s seismo, and her optic blast, to snipe out the missile and assist calls.

Another good way of cockblocking missiles similar to the ones Yipes mentioned are hypers like Inferno and Super Nova. Best thing is, if you catch both characters with your combo but missiles are coming down, you can go straight into one of these, X-Factor into a hard knockdown and kill them both.


The majority of your chances lies around your point character. So basically pick a point character and then make sure you have assists that are ideal for clearing up the missiles assist like jam session, repulsor blast or most beam assists. It helps if your character has a safe THC or DHC bomb for blowing it up too.

The big big thing to remember is that having options that are strong without utilizing meter is most important. Characters that can rush and zone with good to great movement and little need for meter to create those zone options are ideal (like Viper, Mag, Dante, Nova, Iron Man, Thor). Characters that can switch sides behind her with an aerial assist quickly and/or are strong with meter are good for this also like Vergil.

I made a chart also for visualization.

**Some video of ideal anti morri team successes. **

Good list but I disagree with mr wright because all he could do is lvl3 which is a total gamble unless I’m missing something

I hear cell phone item special is good as counter zoning if you get it started.

Cell phone and one other item that I can’t remember goes toe-to-toe in zoning wars but I don’t think handles Astral Vision that well. Side note: it also bodies Doom and other characters that get lamed out easily. Sometimes I feel like Trial mode with the right items is more practical than Turnabout.

Yeah it was just something I heard. Although beam, Jam Session, repulsor could increase its effectiveness.

true just thought you meant him on his own
but cell will beat regular morrigan but doubt it with doom/ double

You don’t want to fight Morri on your own really. Not having an assist means auto losing in the footsie war since Morri can call adjacent projectiles/footsies while you can’t during the flood.

Which isn’t as good of a strategy as it sounds because Doom doesn’t always die, and even if he does you just wasted XF and two bars on one character. (I say one because you probably won’t catch Morrigan.)

Other ideas are good, though.

hit doom and the missiles disappear

…oh wait

Yea I’m having a ton of trouble versus Hidden missiles as well, Its def. on my top 2 when it comes to things I hate to fight.

Thing is I use Dante/Vergil/Strider which is probably the best (or one of) teams against Morri/Doom, but Its not the Morrigan part that I care about, its just the missiles + any char. My team has no beam (Also why Ive picked up Magnus) to stuff Missiles, Dante has tools but things like Devil trigger / Thunderbolt do such little damage to Doom before he vanishes that its worthless. Stinger/BCancels don’t work since missiles will track. Vergil can do well timed Judgement cuts but apart from that he won’t have much to actually hard punish Doom apart from that. Strider and Vjra are simply free to that assist + point especially when they play under Doom and try to bait him. Dante’s/Vergil’s/Striders supers will all get stuffed or will do minimal dmg.

And that’s not even talking about the actual point character that is protecting the assist, attacking me, etc lol. MVC3’s Gems and free win mode. Best thing what I’ve found is as mentioned, wavedashing/movement and going in after evading. Try to hit Doom before he releases too many missiles and hope you did it while being safe. As Dante with meter its not so bad I guess if you wanna spend them

Is it possible to integrate sentinel into one of your teams because i believe if you bait the hidden missiles with doom. With your own doom you could utilize 2 hypers whiff the finger lasers into the sentinel force. (in my opinion the force will just mess up doom) then after the damage is done snap the good doctor in and go to town. This works well with my main team wolvie point sent mids and anchor doom. Depending on the matchup i will sometimes switch sentinel to anchor position if needed.

Sentinal HSF to Akuma Beam XFC Beam works damn pretty well for me.

your best team to beat missiles easily is Nemesis forward H, Hawkeye assist

Am I missing something? If you already know that your team has a ton of trouble vs hidden missiles then why the heck is it “the best” team against MorriDoom?