How to beat Hidden Missiles?


MorriDoom, not Doom/Hidden missiles. Morrigan is the main problem, its just she has better everything with missiles added. Strider and jam session can stop her specifically, though that doesn’t mean its actually great at punishing Doom himself, especially when combined with other characters with different strengths and playstyles.


Except see you are not playing against Morrigan alone, you are playing against Morrigan with missiles. If your team does poorly against missiles then I am sorry it’s not a good team against Morridoom.


The problem is a good Doom/Missiles player is anticipating/baiting your counter to the assist call. I can’t count how many times I have been baited into a happy birthday or some mess. If you don’t take the bait you eat missiles chip and they are controlling the pace/gameplay of the match which sucks too.


See again I feel I’m stuck in a situation where I want to offer help but am not sure how as I play char that deal well with it (Wesker, Dante, - along with the character itself: Doom).

For me I just make the entire first 15secs of the match an “evade while popping Doom consistently” where I basically (depending on the opponents first character) just evade the point while popping Doom in sync with either my own missiles (sorry… used them since Vanilla and until they disappear on hit… Never getting rid of them), or Dante shots to keep him pinned as I teleport to the other side.

If I encounter missiles with Dante out I simply (MAX-RANGE PREFERRED) stinger into BC teleport > double jump/tech/reverse-box-dash M > p-link dash back/forward.

In all honesty I do NOT believe there is a Universal Answer to this problem other than evade or snap-back/grab and I prefer the prior over the latter as any GOOD missile user will ALWAYS be scoping for grabs/snaps between assist call intervals. I know I do for a FACT because depending on who you’re playing, you might not have ANY options but those or block.

The ONLY time that I am critical on when I call Doom is against Nova (for fear of… actually ALL of his supers), Super Skrull (For Inferno), Sentinel (for Hyper-Sentinel-force which I recommend and do myself against missile users), Dorms (with VERY itchy trigger fingers), … basically anyone with an instant super or super that eats missiles. If you aren’t playing one of those characters… I’m never going to stop or change a damn thing.

Honestly, you have to be in the points face as the list of few I missiles have to respect at fullscreen is FAR larger tan that of mid-close. In fact if your opponent is smart, you SHOULD see far less missile calls the closer you are (with a few exceptions on their point obviously such as Morrigan who’s moveset will prob out prioritize anybody you have on your side of the field as well as an invincible super to beat anything you throw out / Vergil … swords… That’s pretty much all that’s needed to be said).

Rules to follow when dealing with Doom (Hidden Missiles):
[]Stay as close as possible to your opponent’s point
]If you have an assist that is high durability horizontal, use if SPECIFICALLY to snipe/counter Doom Calls
[]TACS… cheap, stupid, super rewarding, … OH and also good to use in this situation as well.
]Evade Evade Evade. You should already be consistently p-link dashing or crouch dashing by now both forwards and reverse. Best to establish this movement regardless of missiles or not.
[*]DON’T GET COMMITTED! When you see missiles assist on your opponent’s side of the screen in the character select, from that point on just like with Phoenix in Vanilla, your mindset should already be in tune and have already accepted what you’re going to have to endure with what comes with missiles. You’re going to have combos started that you need to drop and evade/end in snapback, or cancel early into an invincible super/DHC unless you really wanna use xfactor on it.

If you’re fancy or your team is flexible enough some can even call assists during the combo (like I do with my Dante/Sent/Doom team) to take the missiles FOR ME so I can continue the combo. Just be creative-but safe.
[*]Don’t forget the snapping the assist ALSO extends the wait time the opponent has to endure before calling the assist again. Not by long but enough that any loops or vortex would cease to work giving you a chance for offense. I do this all the time against MorriDoom if they’re good.


Played the Hulk/Missiles team again got smoked.

Hulk can punish a lot of what I want to do to beat the missiles. He can earthquake thing my assist, he can gamma charge into me, his normals out prioritize any of mine to hit him or doom. If missiles hit confirm me then I’m getting 100 percented by Hulk combo.