How To Beat Kickassguy211


Tell me so I can beat him com on. I just want to beat him and retire forever. Why is he keeping me from retiring. 5 years I still can’t beat him. Kickass you great asshole.


Mod delete this thread buddy


im cummin


upload a replay and let’s see!



Really,help to take down kickaassguy… fucking


He just got my number. I need to change my number.


Once I am settled and get to play him in good connection and good set I will record and revive this thread if I still have problems. If I don’t come back…then I have already hung up my jersey ho ho ho :slight_smile:


you cant beat me yet bodler , not with your current style lol


I will close the gap kickassguy. You will slowly go from kickassguy to kickasskid to kickassbaby to kickassgal to kickasstwink


lol sure buddy


You two gonna’ kiss or what?


Who do you intend to use to kick kickass’ ass?




LOL, Bodler can’t beat this guy? He plays on pure autopilot.


Tigerknee hyper IMO


where u at bodler im still waiting for you to come through


Errrrr… Well, time to give you two a room to be alone in. We all know what happens next.