How to beat mag/ammy?

hey guys i’ve played in a tournement recently and lost bad to a mag/ammy i have a youtube clip attached to see what im doing what any help is appreciated

im playing wolv, zero, sent

34:20, i just get owned bad.

10:10, i win though

any tips what i can do will be appreciated

  • Use B. Slash more often to cross-up and to cover the space put between you and your opponent when he advance-guards.

  • Dive Kick is very good, but don’t use it too predictably. Remember to mix up your approaches (B. Slash, IOH, cr. L, etc).

  • Make sure to keep track of your ground-bounces. As I’m sure you know, you only get one per combo.

  • Keep close watch of your hit-confirms. Make sure to capitalize on these opportunities and to not auto-pilot.

Hope this helps.