How to beat my friend?


How can I beat Fei Long with Juri or Evil Ryu. Where is Fei long’s weakness?


Lace your friend’s drink with ruffies and wait.


1v1 him IRL


sneeze and unplug his controller. works 60% of the time, everytime


I’m no expert in the matchup but with Juri you want to keep Fei long out with fireball zoning. If he tries to jump in, use any of her anti-air normals to knock him out of the sky. Take advantage of the fact that you can basically do c. mk wheel move for decent damage. Be careful about jumping in as he can punish with DP. Block high when he does f. mk on your wakeup. A Juri user could comment further on this topic.

As for Evil Ryu. Fireballs, stay out of Rekka Range. Make sure you are good at defense as Evil Ryu is a glass Jaw. Teleport is your friend in the corner but don’t get predictable with it. Mix up your attacks with axe kicks.

Basically stay out of rekka range. Watch for ex chicken wing, don’t get in the corner are basic match up notes on Fei. He is really good though.


@JstrikerX: Thank you! I try your tipps later. Is there a Character who is very good to play vs. Fei long?


Cut his throat while he sleeps, or you could be a pussy and go to the appropriate character sub forums and repeat you question in the match up threads for each… Don’t be a pussy brah…


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Dont play close with Juri. Zone when possible. Bait out chicken wing. First rekka is safe.

You could also probably just grab him a lot. Friends get mad when you grab. He’ll eventually stop coming over and it wont be an issue anymore.


Thank you for all answers. I learning combos now /theory) and train 1 character like Special, Ex, link,chain etc. so after I can it a little bit he is no problem. He know only normals (no combo,link,chain) special, Focus attak and grab. I must chooice between Juri, Ibuki and Evil Ryu. Yes all of them are hard to play/learn but this are my favorits and i can only learn if i WANT it. Cody, Cammy, seth and Sakura are nice too but i play them maybe if i am better.

How should I train? CPU or Online? Problem is: Online the Pros masacre me, i can’t react. its okay, but how should i learn something?


Do not train against the CPU. Online is better. Offline is even better, no lag. One way to train is to just focus on one aspect of the game each match, like anti-air, teching throws, until you can get consistent with those options. When you can tech throws and anti-air at will, you’ll see how much beter you are. Of course, not every match needs to be a training match, would be a little boring maybe. But you should try and get consistent training in.


order of training 1st against cpu, 2nd online, 3rd offline.


Cpu & Online = fail

Play your friend and go to training mode.

I can tell you about complex things like practicing the spacing for dp whiffs and crossover option selects, but I don’t think you are on the level where street fighter becomes a techniques/mind games vs the meta game.

Here is the best advice anyone can give you,
When you play your friend, you are training. Record and watch your losses (the game does up to ten matches for you.) After you see what your friend did to beat you, go to practice mode and learn how to beat whatever he did. If you can’t figure out a specific way to defeat that thing your friend is doing, go on the proper character forum and ask in the match up thread about that particular move or technique. Rinse and repeat until you find yourself reviewing your matches and only losing because he out smarted you. From that point, you have reached the next level of fighting games where you must rely on your mind because execution no longer gives you an edge over your opponent. You will have to get yourself passed that plateau on your own. Also, seek new players (do the same with them,) inspiration comes from variety.


Can i play effective with an Xbox 360 or Xbox ONE Controller (at PC) ? Or must i buy Mad Catz Street Fighter Controller?


You can play effectively with any controller.
Just stick with what is most comfortable to you.


That sounds good. A onlineplayer means if I want to play Juri or Ibuki i MUST use Arcaedstick or mad catz.


no, if you use Juri either use a claw grip like Tekken players do or remap your kick buttons to the triggers/shoulder button.


online/cpu does not mean fail. Many top pros admit to using cpu and online to train. If its good enough for the best its good enough for beginners


online/cpu = fail
When you have the game mastered, you can train with anything, including theory fighter. Dieminion almost never owns any of the games he plays, but sometimes wins majors. I think Justin Wong mentioned not even touching one of the games he got top 8 on (killer instinct maybe.) How about you tell the newbies that they can just not play the game because that training is good enough for the pros, therefore it must be good enough for them. On top of that, you play at MMM… You talk the talk but enjoy face to face while telling people to play fail to fail. That’s fucked up brah… People only get better by playing people in person…


I tried Trial with Juri, Ibuki, Sagat, Ryu, Ken, Cammy, Seth and Akuma. (I dont practice all cause i’m to bad) And with Ibuki I have the most succes trials. So this is the order: [started with the most succesfull trails and the last is with least succesfull trials] Ibuki, Juri, Sagat,Ryu,Cammy,Akuma,Ken,Seth. Which one is recommended for me in your eyes? Thanks :slight_smile:


I’m also a beginner, but I really don’t think the number of completed trials means much. For example, some characters have more easy trials before they get into the links and stuff. I’d say choose a character you like, and maybe also one that’s not too hard and will teach you fundamentals, like footsies and stuff. Out of those characters I think Ryu, Ken, Cammy, Sagat are all fairly easy. Akuma aswell maybe but he has low health. Again, feel free to correct me anyone, I’m still new to this game and fighting games in general.