How to beat ryu?

i have an extremely hard time beating ryu because generally most ryu players insta shoryuken after they get up from the floor and this generally hits me. how do i continue on my attack when they get up while taking advantage of their shoryuken?

after you knock him down, try and bait it out, then punish. Unfortunately DP’s have priority. Its rare that you beat out a shoryuken. stand in front of him focus dash cancel and bait out the DP. then rising jaguar, Focus dash cancel rising jaguar. just work on the timing of your dash canceling and baiting it out in practice. once you get used to what ryu does, hes not bad. But ryu has priorities over everyone.

hmm, im not good enough yet to do focus dash cancels while in a game :|.

You can bait srks with a safe jump setup or a lk jaguar tooth. punish hadokens with jk or jaguar tooth play excellent footsies and this matchup is yours.

You must defeat Shenlong to stand a chance

Adon has a hard time with wake-up :lp:DP. Safe jumping is risky as Hell thanks to DP’s 3-frame start up. Crossing-up isn’t guaranteed since :lp:DP acts as an anti-cross-up, or they can go for auto-correct DP. Blocking right in front of him is risky, but if you guess right you can punish with s.:hp: xx RJ. If you bait out a grab, you can do Adon’s neutral jump shenanigans, but use 'em sparingly since jab shoryuken pretty much stops it.

IMO, the safest thing to do is block right out of grab distance. If he jab DPs, s.:hp:. Or c.:mp: xx Super, if you have the meter. Or if you have U1 (which you should), punish with U1.

Once you condition them to NOT DP, then you can think about throwing them, doing iAJKs, focusing, crossing up, and whatever offensive things you can think of. As usual though, don’t get predictable.

look up videos of gamerbee vs diago. They go 50/50, lots of jaguar kicks over fireballs to beat zoning.

Well when they are on the floor is the best way to learn imo. I find its brilliant against people who always wake up with Shoryukens. I just focus, dash they jump you dash forward and combo their ass :smiley:

Ryu is one of my favorite matchups, I feel like Adon has the tools to really lock him down but you need to play well to do it. His DP basically prevents you from being lazy, you have to at least be aware of what’s going on in the match to win.

As for baiting out DP, blocking out of throw range (as has been pointed out) works, especially if you throw out an attack right before blocking (like a very early jag kick). If Ryu’s cornered, I like to walk up on him and then throw a MK jaguar tooth as he’s waking up. The DP whiffs and you can punish after dashing in.

If you time it right, neutral jumping and doing an air jag kick over Ryu (either very early, or very late as he’s standing) works very well, but is riskier.

Step one: Go to the Adon Matchup Thread

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Step three: Start a thread asking how to beat Ryu

don’t be an elitist hazeandfire, you’re a jaguar toof spammer. haha :looney:

looks like hes on step 3 with this thread.

I find Ryu to be one of my favourite matchups for learning Adon. You learn how to deal with fireballs and reversals with invincibility, as well as the standard character traits. Is RK JT a punish for lp dp? It wouldn’t be as good as other punishes obviously, but I just wanna know if it connects on lp dp assuming you do it on the last second.

I’ve punished LP Shoryukens with RH Jaguar Kicks, but usually because it was the right-place-right-time sort of thing, so yeah.

I’ve punished LP Shoryukens with RH Jaguar Kicks, but usually because it was the right-place-right-time sort of thing, so yeah. Just be careful of the spacing, since RH Jaguar Kick is kind of vertical when compared to the others.

Also the best punish for LP Shoryu is standing HP xx MK Rising Jag and if you have meter, cancel that into standing HK. Double rising jag does way less damage plus there’s a chance it can miss (MK version; HK is too slow).

I find at the C level that im at that i cross up shotos with adon like no man’s business. It also seemed to work out that if they started thinking id keep crossing up every time i tech knockdown, theyd start shoryukening…but nope, id just change it up and jaguar tooth so it hits them in mid air shoryuken…

I just think you have to knock down then rotate between cross ups, jaguar kicks, jag tooth, etc, however, like i said, im not playing at a very high level so it might not work for many of you.