How to beat seth(very easy mode)

I cant do it. Wow, this is so hard

Wow this is so fking stupid

One easy way that works at most difficulties:
You need to keep your distance at just over 1 dash/backdash away from Seth as often as possible. This stops him from drawing you in and keeps you out of DP range.

At this range wait until he starts an attack and then jump forward and Heavy Kick, then drop in cr. Heavy Kick and back dash out. Rinse and repeat.

If you jump from too far back he’ll DP the attack though and teleport if you’re too far forward, just need to practice your distance. Best of luck!

Also if you manage to land a crumple on him, you can focus attack his wake-ups in an almost continuous loop by letting go of the focus early, again, timing is key.

I beat him, finally. I don’t know, I just got lucky spamming buttons. Man I need to play this a lot, gonna be awhile before I get decent

haha congrats! normal mode next!

Stay close, try and outpoke him. Block his ultra/lightning kick/stretchy s. hp move, and if you’re close enough, punish with your own super or ultra.

A.I. Seth doesn’t use his vacuum move very well either, so watch out for that, then punish.

secret to beating seth: block and punish

Save your meter until you’ve beaten him one round. Don’t use a single drop. You’ll need that meter to beat him the second time because his mixup gets harder to counter without it in the second round.

That’s one observation I’ve made. It’s easy to get that first round off of him meterless and build a lot of meter. It’s harder to get that second round without meter.

i cant even beat him in versus mode…(1p vs 2p)

Haha, I made this post when I didn’t even know what Ultra’s and Supers were. Even in this short amount of time I have improved a lot

Open up trials mode…like right now haha you have so much to learn from it!

Seth is OP in Arcade mode. In multiplayer he has the lowest HP out of all the fighters.

Also the CPU in Arcade read your moves so fuck that.

I don’t think it’s that he reads your moves per se. I think it’s more that he’s been set up to punish mashy behavior. So if you’re leaning on up+fwd on wake-up he ‘reads’ it and stuffs your jumps, likewise if you hammer shoryukens repeatedly into the controller you’ll take a beating and the cpu will make a point of you not landing a single dp. Might be farfatched, but I find as long as I mix up my attacks and directions he won’t know where I’m going.

Wow. Ummm here’s how you beat Seth-
Pick something brainless. Spam it. Most characters can probably j. hk, cr. hk over and over. Bison can psycho crusher over and over. At easier difficulties, I’m actually pretty sure Seth is designed to walk into your ultras so don’t be afraid to wake-up ultra.

DO NOT try to play Seth like he’s a person. The computer can read your input as soon as you do it (and before it comes out) so he can DP everything on reaction if he wants to. What that means is, don’t be going for links and staying in his face doing jabs or whatever. Just maximize your damage when you can because easy mode seth doesn’t block a lot.

Playing against the CPU won’t do much to improve your game except for practicing combos against a moving opponent. That’s pretty much all it’ll help with.

Sure way to beat him with any character:

Back up… When he gets close to you, wait til he does his turn around kick… Block it and punish him. If he throws you, don’t worry - it’s a small amount of damage compared to a basic BnB that you can get from punishing that kick. If he throws fireballs, just sit and block. Eventually from a distance, he bounces off the wall. Once he does that, time it so he lands into your Most characters can beat him with like 2 buttons… and whatever you use to do a super…

e.g., Ryu: beats the wall jump, xx hado or shinku hado to punish that turn around kick.