How to beat Seth with T.Hawk on Hardest



Didn’t see a thread or video about this anywhere so I figured I would share as I just spent like 2 hour on Seth on hardest mode bo5 to beat him.

(The reason I use bo5 is because it takes like 30 seconds between continues if you lose, this way I get more time playing/practicing + I learn the matchups a bit better and see what works more consistently) Statistically I could have probably finished it faster with Bo1 just by a lucky round (in like 15 minutes), but the delay time between rounds is infuriating and I’d rather just play another round immediately (I never lost a match until I got to Seth btw).

Anyway, How to beat Seth with T.Hawk on hardest setting is (drum roll)… Down back + HP. lol

After all the shit I was trying, I found this to be most effective.

So to start the round I would do (EX)HK Condor Spire as most of the time Seth opens with dhalsim down fierce and it usually will counter hit. In other instance it just whiff and you’re ok. Only time it fails is if he does something unusual like sonic boom.

After that, just hold down back. Wait for him to fuck up and take openings:

A) If he wall jumps, be ready to AA with that DB Fierce.

B) If he loads up a FA, DB Fierce (or jump and HP Typhoon).

If he throws sonic booms, try and jump them but mostly just hold down back and wait for him to get close and do A or B.

If he throws dhalsim arms just hold down back and wait for him to get close and do A or B.

If he vortex sucks you, keep holding DB, and wait to counter hit during his blockstun with Typhoon or DB+Fierce.

If he SPD you, sorry that’s the calculated risk. Don’t wake up with anything but DB. Be ready to switch block direction from his teleports and be ready to hit that fierce.

If he Ultra, just wait till hitboxes are off the screen and try and dash/jump in to typhoon/ultra/super.

PS- If you don’t wanna do this, just never jump at him, never use condor dive, never counter poke with D+MK. He will always (EX) Srk, or (EX) leg explosion shit.


You realize Boss Seth only goes all-out on the last round, right? before that he doesn’t use specials. So you should just experiment in a single round format.

Just stay at the right spacing and he’ll usually keep doing far HP or Hyakuretsukyaku (which you can SPD on block easily). If he uses Tanden, that’s probably SPD punishable at this range as well.

If he does FA, just get close to him and SPD him, He’s incapable of doing a lv.1 or 2 FA, and he’ll only backdash out of it if you’re out of range. Or if you’re REALLY close, you should be able to tag him with a 2-hit HP Tomahawk for 360 damage with good timing.

if he SRKs you, quick stand, and you can SPD punish him if he tries to teleport close to you.


I just realized I haven’t played against Boss Seth since Super lol.