How to beat Shoryuken/Hadouken characters

First of all i’m sorry if i’m posting in the wrong category, i’m new to the forums and new to the game.
Me and my friends picked up SSF4AE after watching evo. Were enjoying ourselves a lot but one of us always wins when he picks Ryu or Ken. Personally i play Fei Long and Sakura the most and do pretty well, i’m learning the game from practicing against my friends but i just get aggravated and become helpless when someone picks one of the Shoryuken/Hadouken characters. He would just stay in the back keep blasting Hadouken until i come close enough for Shoryuken and repeat.

What is needed to beat this “zoning” strategy?

Outzone them, block and walk forward, Focus it then dash forward, wait for him to blow his srk load then punish him, stop pushing so many fucking buttons.

Thank you for actually listing the characters you play so I can offer practical advice, lol.

Fei’s EX Rekkakyaku/Chicken Wing/Flying Kick (these are different names for the same move) goes straight through fireballs and you can combo off of it into a (crouching light kick), cr.lp (crouching light punch), or cl.hp (close heavy punch). You can end this combo with a rekka and get a knockdown.

Sakura’s EX Hurricane Kick/Tatsu Senpuukyaku also goes through fireballs and lets you juggle into an ultra for big damage.

Using focus attack to absorb the fireball, then cancelling the focus attack into a forward dash can be a good way to get close.

Both of these characters have long-range focus attacks. If you absorb a fireball from close range with the focus attack’s armor, you can charge up long enough to release the focus attack and crumple, which allows you to dash up and combo.

Basically the point of this is to explore other options than jumping to get around fireballs. Even walking up and blocking fireballs, then walking again, can counter fireballs because you are safely closing the distance. Don’t rely on jumping to get around them. If you don’t jump, you can block the Shoryuken and then punish for big damage. If you jump, you are going to get bopped and it’s your fault.

Edit: Note that fireball zoning is powerful at all levels of play. There are ways around it, but as the opponent explores more of their options, these counters become more and more situational. People can just wait for you to EX Tatsu or EX Chicken Wing and then uppercut… but then they’re not throwing fireballs. If they’re not throwing fireballs, you can approach them on the ground.

If you are Sakura, I believe you can EX Otoshi (dp+ 2k x 3… the jumping pound move) on reaction to most fireballs.

Thanks everyone. I have a better time beating my friend with sakura’s hurricane kick. Fei long still needs practice and I’m also having difficulties canceling my focus attacks but there is progress.

I feel like I’m jumping in a lot because I can’t cancel focus atack properly or time the moves badly but that will come with practice and experience I suppose.

This may seem dumb but I just want to check that you are dash cancelling without doing the actual attack, because cancelling is just hitting forward twice after you absorb the fireball.

Also its not nearly as hard to anti air someone that you know is going to jump, so don’t be that guy. The more ways that you have to approach your opponent the more they have think before they counter and that slows up their reactions, but if you keep coming in the same way (jumping) you are making yourself a sitting duck for those shoryukens.

I try to dash cancel my but my problems lay in me charge atacking to early when he throws a slower moving hadouken or I just straight up mis time it. Often the damage will still be done on me with a third hadouken and still get a lot of the damage done to me. That’s me being rather slow. I also find it kind off odd dashing with thumbstick on controller so I usually switch to thumbpad.

Then just don’t dash until you’ve actually seen the hit get absorbed, but more importantly you have to mix up the ways that you deal with fireballs. You shouldn’t focus every fireball just like you should forward jump every time, walk forward and block, if you have sakura you can throw your own fireball, and Nuetral jump, beginners usually underestimate how good neutral jump can be in dealing with fireballs, you aren’t losing ground, and you are buying time for your health to regain if you’ve focused through something already. its also disrupting the beginner fireball strategy of just waiting for you to jump forward and makes your opponent change up and consider coming at you. If he is staying back and you are always moving forward then you are losing the battle of wills each time and playing on his terms instead of setting you own…