How to beat the guys I'm afraid of

Yun (I DONT KNOW WHY x.x…just kicks my ass all over the place). Honda

Any strats on these? and dont say RC because I use K


To tell you the truth Guile is a menace, so i cant give
you any tips for him…( Daigo for instance is evil with him)

Vega, well it all depends who you use, so who do you use?

Yun i really cant say why you get beat by yun, unless
the people you face are roll canceling with him…

but let me know who you use and maybe i can help you
out…( im surprised Sagat isnt up there, or Blanka)

Well I play on Xbox, so no RCing. No Blanka or Sagat because EVERY-friggen-one uses them. You just get used to them after a while.

I use Ken Rock Geese2 in K-groove.

Yun kicks my ass because…well I dont knwo why…maybe because EVERY move he has throws me off. Like…the little things in them (makes you think hes going to his low, but hits high, etc. And he combos like a monster for some reason…maybe I have just faced a few REALLY good Yuns and got discouraged).

Hondas not SO bad anymore, because I just counter the headbut w/ rock or geeses counter moves and then rush down.

Vega cause he’s just too damned fast.

And Guile just plain old rapes me :smiley:

all you need to do for vega is give him some feirce uppercuts, since all vega players do is jump around everywhere and sweep. You can even uppercut his charged air attacks, uppercuts get the priority hit on that.

Vega beats Guile in Theory. try to match him up with guile as much as you can.

Guile has the best ground game in the game imho. His AAs are and c.hp and RC fierce sonicboom, and he will flash kick your X-ups. watch out for his and his F+FP those will surprise you once in ahwhile.

you should JD Guiles sonic booms and your team is very fast, so it’s important to play footsies.

with rock, if Guile whiffs do the fk dash to a 360 to shining knuckle