How to beat the Japanese


So anyone got any tips?

haha i’m going to get banged up.

C’mon lucky counter hit -> infinite.

Seriously any last minute pointers would be appreciated.

should be good anyways, i’ll take the camera.



Jpn players are so advanced, sometimes you have to use more eccentric tactics…like for example, in the first jpn cvs2 tourney, Daigo was eliminated because he got hit by 2 or 3 wakeup level2’s. Who gets hit by a wakeup super? It happens. U gotta be ready to take big time risks.


I hope you do well. Can’t give you any advice though


Really? Who was he fighting? Maybe if it was a scrub he wouldn’t have predicted that. But hey yea anything happens.:stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Pray for CC!
  2. Don’t screw up the setup :stuck_out_tongue:


Daigo was playing Shiro (I think that’s his name), who used c-sagat, rolento, yamazaki2. He got Daigo with rolento tripwire and yamazaki supa throw like 2 or 3 times.

If u watch the evo2k3 dvd, Daigo did a lot of crazy stuff. Against ricky in 3s, he jumped in empty and did fierce dp, and connected. If ricky just blocked, it would have been ricky/KO in finals. but you have to ballsy to do that kind of stuff. DrB did the same kind of thing to Daigo when he almost beat him.

Of course it’s not just being random and lucky, it’s about working your opponent into a mindset knowing you’ll change it up at a certain time before they adjust.


If you wanna beat the Japanese, go to Japan and play there…best way to go up level-wise

That’s what I did, but you’d have to actually live there to see all the different styles and adapt.


ok, rephrase the question to how to take a round off the japanese :confused:

always attacking when you weren’t expecting or didn’t want them to, always more than ready for whatever attack. sick.

I’ll write about it and scan some pics in tomorrow.



Don’t expect to win, just try to lose as much as you can. It worked for me.


Do the japanese still play Alpha 3 as serious as CvS2 or 3rd strike. Man I wish they would put a3 at evo, sucks that they don’t have it.


One word: Atomic Bomb.


Learn how to get those CH, especially with v-cody, and then KEEP THAT MOTHAFUCKA BOUNCING FOREVER!..
Also try to defocus ur eyes, that usually makes u see things slower…


Actually, it’s two words. But that’s still fucked up though. :evil:


Here’s something interesting that I found in the Absolution 2K4 thread:


Guess I saw this thread too late, sorry.

If anything, I’d say they’re masters at knowing what you’re going to do, and reacting to that. It’s like there are certain things we do almost on reflex…like in GGXX, if you’re getting rushed down in the corner, the second there’s an opening you want to jump and air dash the hell out of there.

Problem is, that’s exactly what the Japanese player expected you to do. No sooner than you jump, you get hit by an airthrow. Back in the corner you go.

You lose this, and then you lose confidence in your game. You have no idea what the hell to do next…so basically they control the match, and you lose eventually.

Their footsie game in incredible. There was this A-Ryu player at a-cho who had 35 wins, nobody could beat him. I had to give it a try…what he’d do, he would walk to JUST inside sweep distance, and then just stand there for a fraction of a second.

I’d see this, and my brain thinks “Hey, he’s in sweep distance! He’s standing! Allright, I can hit my sweep!” But then as I go to push roundhouse, he takes a slight step back, and moves to JUST outside sweep distance. My sweep misses by like one pixel. So then he walks into his attack range while I’m still in recovery, and punishes.

Then I lose confidence in sweeping entirely, and only stick out jabs, shorts, and strong/forward attacks. Which are nice, but don’t do that much damage.

People were REALLY good at this in CvS2. Try to imagine a Cammy player who can do that really well. …Yeah.

They force you to make mistakes, and then punish them. You can’t be defensive either cause that’ll get you killed too. I’m still trying to figure out how to deal with it.


After studying the videos of the a-cho tournaments, I’ve noticed that the japanese players seem to follow the same pattern to counter this trap :

A) Wiff a crouching jab/short then follow up with an immediate sweep.

B) Fake a sweep/crouch attack by crouching and immediately standing, which leads to :
1] poke with a standing short/jab
2] back up slightly/run away
3] throw a safe projectile/special (forcing a block)

C) Intentionally wiff a throw, which leads to :
1] immediately poke after the wiff animation
2] immediately throw a high priority special move
3] keep advancing and throw again (super risky)

D) Quckly walk forward slightly and immediately crouch and sweep at the same time (avoiding crouch animations). Which sometimes gets punished by :
1] a high priority special
2] a fast/low arch jump attack
3] a throw
4] a sweep

E) Keep backing up slightly (loses ground, but avoids the risk of wiffing a sweep)

F) Wait for a fraction of a second, then sweep.

Looks like the most common ones are : faking a sweep, wiffing a jab/short–>follow up sweep/special, and backing up/running away.

The a-cho vids released last week have some pretty good examples of how they counter this… Dark (Gen) does a particularly good job poking and sweeping at all the right moments. Amazing…


^Yeah, I played that guy. I always thought I was pretty good at A3, but against him I literally had to re-learn how to walk. I was walking into Gen’s pokes all the time.

Thanks for the strats, I’ll try them next timei I’m there.


Nigga please. If someone on here knew how to beat the japanese we woulda won evo.


Hehe… Discussion might lead to ideas and improvements, though.


Does anybody know where to get these “a-cho” vids?:slight_smile: