How to beat turtle ryu/evil ryu with excellent anti air





Focus their fireballs to build ultra and neutral jump. With ultra stocked, they’ll hopefully throw less fireballs when u downback in midscreen.

If you jump over their fireballs from fullscreen they can’t AA you with DP, but they can and will with s.HK. j.LP can trade (not in your favor obviously) with his s.HK, but it totally depends how well they timed it, otherwise it will stuff jLP cleanly.
That’s why you should nj.HP inch by inch forward and/or walk forward and block.


Honda has a method to play with this kinds of ryu. Honda cannot jump in. Honda can use croach weak punch and stand mp for attack only. Hk will not release except ryu do croach mk. (HK is dangerous if they do fadc or focus attack). This is to hit ryu during recovery time for his croack mk. If ryu jumps in, try to use stand hp to double ko his jump in attack. Use hhs to give pressure to the opponent to the wall. After ryu release fireball at the wall, u can use focus to absorb fireball fadc hhs combo or jump in attack. Terrychk suggests this solution. If u can patient and do not the attack, u can beat the turtle ryu.


Strong ryu will do dash in into shoryuken when u do neutral jump


For akuma, u should jump when akuma jump. Once akuma gets close, u must in trouble


You can also press stand weak kicks to attract opponent to jump in, especially u walk close to the opponent, u have enough time to do straight jump hard punch to beat them. Evil ryu likes to use focus attack to beat your stand hard kick, u can practice croach jab into ex hhs, because the start up frame is 4 frames for ex hhs. Croach when he wake up, u can do late headbutt to hit him. If evil ryu uses use jump dive kick, u can coach to block, sometimes, he will hit nothing and go to your back, u can do croach weak kick , weak punch into hhs. Air ex tastu, u can use reverse ultra. Air tastu, u can use stand close medium punch or focus attack front dash to escape.