How To Beat Turtles Wit K Groove?

yes im have a lil problem wit that vs Hibiki and yes a Turtle Ryu lol

cuz all they do is just stand there then when i go to hit them i jump to them they hit me then i run it hits me shit get’s me tight:mad:

Thx Alot In Advance:cool:

ps:teams i Use:Rock/Ken/Sagat—XXX/Ken/Sagat

and no i do not suck with K Groove im very good at everything but hard to beat turtles waiting 4 u to come and hit them while they stand there waiting 4 u:mad:

with sagat, just keep shooting them or anything, and turtle back, or try to get pretty close, and just low jump them if they duck

the point is just turtle back :stuck_out_tongue: theyll get pissed at you

Poke, Fireballs, and small jump… good game turtles. Or jump in bait an attack just defend…

First of all put the time on I know for a fact you dont play with it on. The characters you use have good pokes learn ur distances and the distances of the characters you are playing. Dont just throw any move out for no reason make sure its something that cant be punished and punish what they whiff. Trick them into whiffing moves so you can punish. Dont try to JD everything unless you know ur that good.

You don’t have to turtle back against turtles when you have K-groove. I watched Ino Inoue matches a lot. You can learn a lot from his playstyle when he plays against C or A-groove.

He hardly ever uses the run and never randomly low jumps. Yet he’s still always seems to be on the offensive (and wins).

your right ive been watching his matchs as of late and i c how he play but i never seen him play a turtle.

bait them into coming towards u, then JD them or counter or AA or whatever.
Just counter whatever they do after u bait them.

Jumping forward and trying to just defend every time isn’t baiting.

no wonder i’ve been losing…! It’s baiting if you’ve conditioned them to do a move though or they are pradictabo. but otherwise you can expect to get hit with a lot of differently timed moves. It also helps when you have sagats j.roundhouse :smiley: That move is scary in k-groove, especially when raged… trading hits with that sucks balls.

i say you hadoken them until they get so mad that they attack you in a fit of rage and get killed…:smiley:

that won’t work.

yes it could.

I counter that proposal.

Not everyone is going to attack you in a fit of rage because of repeated fireballs. For example, what if they have A, S, or even K groove themselves. With A-Groove, a leap-in with a timed activation and a decent custom can put you in a most uncomfortable position if they decide to jump in, provided the bar, of course. But as far as turtles, the ones in S and K groove have decent counterability. Think about it. Multi-fireballing someone who can either multi-dodge or Just-Defend accurately can constantly be a real pain in the ass. The dodging will just avoid the damage. The JD’ing will just feed their greedy asses. Juiced super bar and energy recovery? A nasty combination, indeed. I know. I have annoyed a lot of people doing that shit on console and in the arcades. Really can tax on a person’s patience/strategy.

With that said, you may end up being that person attacking in a fit of rage.

Not to be totally offensive, but I thought that point needed to be thrown out there.

where did you find the no matches? i’m interested in seeing more of his play style.