How to beat Vergil

I seriously have a incredibly hard time taking this guy down.
From the safe half screen pressure, combined with assist, it is just too much.
Hopefully someone will post tactics here on how to take him down consistently.

Right now all I have is random super, thats about it.
Keep away works for about 2 seconds.

From my experience I only really get damage when he’s coming in, or if I bait a teleport, other than that it’s all just a horrible guessing game personally, where if he touches you on the ground or in the air, he’s gonna get a full combo without having to think about it because of the crazy hitboxes his normals have. He makes me sad :frowning:

Pretty much his biggest weakness is his recovery on many of his moves. If he ends a block string with H or S, don’t pushblock it and you’ll be able to punish for free =)

Cross Over Counter also automatically gives you a free punish with most of his pressure unless he does a blockstring that was ending with Rising Sun (trick followup)! Try it out! When doing it, he will usually whiff the H, Stinger or whatever he was doing and, unless he uses meter to cancel in Spiral Swords, kill him ASAP.

Wow I feel like a scrub. Cross over counter seems really good now that I think about it. Thanks for the idea… lol.
Gonna change my team to make sure I have a invincible one on my team.

Even though I still personally think he can do way too much damage much like his brother, like Dante, Vergil can be predictable in teleports. The problem is blocking the right way at the right time. Actually I feel like Vergil has the slowest of the teleports compared to Dante and Wesker although I may be wrong on this. In reality Vergil is incredibly punishable like it was said with many of his normals. His maximum Vergil is also very unsafe as each time it finishes he re-sheathes his blade. Just be aware they can DHC after hes landed mid sheathing (which is stupid and shouldn’t be a viable option IMO).

Much like other sword characters, Vergil has no hitbox ON his sword, therefore throwing out random normals won’t beat him out. Vergil has very few safe ways out of pressure so the key is to put the pressure on him which throws off most Vergils as of right now.

superjump+holdback , bait a teleport, air x factor punish > kill