How to Beat Vergil?

Simple. Give your thoughts on how to beat Vergil especially with
Sentinel,Wesker,Spencer,Hawkeye Nemesis…but any character that has an advantage will be helpful.

theoretically, spencer and hawkeye make vergil look really free if they dont properly cover themselves with assist or super cancel

with spencer… mash bionic arm. only option vergil has to beat it is early super cancel, or H teleport which is unsafe. or call assist for cover.
with hawkeye, pushblock>gimlet.

You can dodge gimlet on reaction with DT or a dash. Bionic arm is a problem though

How can you do this? i have tried but couldn’t do it.

During Hawkeye’s Start up animation for Gimlet, but before he fires it, perform Devil trigger.


Staying airborne helps me beat Vergil. An air projectile also helps. I think it frustrates Vergil players. They tend to get impatient and throw out teleports or jump in the air to combat you once they realize you’re push blocking all their attacks from the ground.

So basically, stay airborne, watch out for air throws anytime he comes near you. Stay on defense and shoot projectiles like they are on sale.

Raining stuff on Vergil is typically the best idea, just watch out for air->air j.M (this move is amazing and more people need to do it), and assisted mixups when you land.

Hawkeye’s pretty free for Vergil … ya gimlet is worthless and gets you killed.If he gimlets and your not in the air he’s dead.

Spencer on the other hand … ya gotta be careful

Yeah, I need to understand how to beat this guy, it’s super annoying fighting him

Play footsies, bait him into swinging H or S or Stinger. All have pretty big recovery on whiff, so free combo. Best is stay just out of S range and jump, to bait the stinger, just get ready to tech the air throw and you’re safe. Otherwise rtsd.

hawkeye vs vergil is in vergils favor. if u are afraid of gimlet just activate swords super to stop his projectiles. Most of the time gimlet can be stopped by the swords super unless you are at an angle that the arrow doesn’t hit the swords, but you can also hard tag, Devil trigger, or dash/jump. And Spencer that is like a 9 to 1 match up i dont have the slightest clue what to do. if anyone has any ideas?

They zipline at you all day, air grab at the right time. - too early and the line will hit you, you have to time it so you grab Spencer.

a smart spencer will stay grounded. and there isnt much you can do bc he can bionic arm pretty much any button you push. and if the spencer zip lines he can tech the grab. it is a much better idea to just raw launcher especially bc his launch negates projectiles (if they call an assist).

He can’t tech the grab. During in air zipline he’s in an animation and can’t defend at all and after the grounded zipline he’s -3 on block.

he can tech toward the end of the zip line and no one zip lines without xfactor or assists

Vergil backed up witj Vajra theoretically has no bad match ups.upset

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What’s so great about Vergil and Vajra? He doesn’t even get anything off of hard knockdowns other than high tide. Dante and Wesker get full combos without needing xfc. Vajra is just for air control, which if you do get an air grab, you get a full combo.

One of vergils weaknesses IS air control, if your opponent is grounded then vergil has the most options. Its not about the combos its about the ground/air control.

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one does not simply beat vergil