How to beat Vortex?

Starting to get to the level where I’m facing Ibukis, Seths, Dhalsims and Akumas who can beat you senseless with just the start of one vortex.

I guess i’m interested in GENERAL ideas/strats on how to evade, escape them or take the least damage and still get away.


Dhalsim and Seth have a vortex? Who are you using anyways?

A good Dhalsim player can do a low air teleport while grounded. Makes for a fast, nasty crossup. Maybe that’s what he’s referring to.

You pretty much just have to learn to block against Ibuki and Akuma’s vortex. They are some of the few characters that actually have oki set ups that aren’t beatable by mashing DP in this game so just work on that defense.

lol, only akuma and ibuki have “real” vortex’es
Everyone else is all about shenanigans that noobs dont understand.

Guess right?

I blame front page for posting the video “Ibuki’s Vortex”.

the way to beat vortex is to guess correctly

stop crying for the one single answer that wins all

Why are you pissed?

No one’s really crying here.

learn what leads to untechable knockdowns with each character and do what you can to avoid those moves. if that doesn’t work, learn to block.

Don’t let them get started…out footsie them, akuma also has his kara throw you have to look out for even if you block correctly…zone them out is all you need, ibuki and akuma are dead before you know it, and rushdown the hell out of seth and sim, but idk who you play as and that would help if we knew

Yeah, because he was crying. It’s an actual, legitimate question, especially for those new to play SF. Go take your high horse somewhere else.

You block and tech. If Akuma tries to demon flip air throw you back dash and sweep.

good luck beating Tokido’s akuma with that godlk strategy of urs.

Hey now, I’m not saying this is absolute, but that is how you would theoretically beat it.

If Seth has a vortex, I would love to know. He has a ton of mixups but I have yet to find anything that remotely resembles a vortex.

As far as how to stop it goes, it really just comes down to it’s definition. You simply have to guess right. That said, some characters (like those with teleports) can escape it fairly easily. It would really help us if you told us who you use.

Nope, some characters sweep would not be able to punish it, just block and punish accordingly…keep it simple, but thatseasier said than done

Actually akuma cant os the air throw anymore for back dashes since the recovery was added in super i think lol

I’m having trouble with akuma vortex when i’m playing dhalsim. There just aren’t any safe options aside from blocking. Even then, at what point in a block string do i throw out a counter attack and what do i counter attack with? I would assume s lk or b+mk but i had a lot of trouble with this matchup last night once i was knocked down.

Do sim and Seth actually have a vortex? Haven’t run into anything remotely like that when I play the few Seths and sims I know…

For that matter, same question @ Dee Jay, since I see people mentioning a Dee Jay vortex… don’t know any good Dee Jays locally or online…