How to beat Vortex?

I have found that blocking is the best answer.

If mixup != vortex, wtf is vortex?
Poongko’s Seth is crack

You block. I hear its quite popular these days

Vortex is a series of option you do on someones wakeup which forces them to guess and each wrong guess sets them exactly in the same position to guess all over again. They are set up so one answer does not beat all options.

To get out block the hit and jump/backdash out of grabs, however you have to guess right.

Thank you.

Now why doesn’t Seth have a vortex? [media=youtube]6VOvNhwZzCk[/media]

Zangief would have a vortex, Sakura would have a vortex, etc. No, they don’t all have vortexes and Poongko plays scrubs which makes him seem gdlk but I want to see him play someone good.

If sakura has one… ugh nm chump.

I would say Sakuras is a reset since DP is a pretty good answer to most of her options and its not like she has a command grab forcing you to jump or backdash. Zangiefs is for sure a vortex. Not too familiar with Seth.

Any player who uses a character to do more than one thing on his opponents wake up is now using a vortex hahaha

It’s just guessing games where one character can stack the odds in his favour : Akuma.

Ibuki has some tricks but she’s not in his league.

I think that Akuma specifically has a vortex because all of his options end in an untechable knockdown. It is pretty aptly named the vortex because you can’t tech a knockdown and get away!

bow to the will of akuma u fool!!

I would actually call Gief’s wake up game a vortex because he has some rather nasty options if he gets the knockdown.

Sakura on the other hand is more of a reset game than a vortex.

really? that is so elitist to say. Akuma sweeps u, wakes up with dive kick, low pressure string, you block high and then low, no big deal, he resets into the kick again, you don’t have time to react so you make a blocking decision and u decide high again. he throws u. resets again, you need to make a decision you defend low cuz u think he’s gonna throw, he hits u with divekick, to fp to lk hurricane to sweep again for knockdown and then divekick.

I agree blocking is a big part of the game, but knowing when to counter hit or how to escape is just as important. this situation isn’t as simple as “just blocking”

But with Ibuki’s vortex you don’t have the counter hit/reversal option. Only a couple moves like Hakan U2 or Rufus U2 will get you out of it, most other characters just have to block.

want to see poongko play someone good, how about you check out something called the SF4 world championships.

ahahaha… blocking is so cheap man

ahahaha… blocking is so cheap man

see the problem here is you guys are saying that most of us haven’t tried blocking, i’m saying that blocking while integral to surviving a mixup doesn’t necessarily provide you the opportunity to counter attack. it takes more than just blocking, and that includes ducking, crouch teching, and counter poking. something sarcastic like “you block. i hear its quite popular these days” just comes across as lame. No shit we block. Blocking doesn’t help deal with akuma air throw. Nor does it help deal with ambiguous cross ups.

Actually, blocking is the most important thing to learn, having a move that gets you out of a situation like that is a luxury, not something you should expect all the time. They are called vortexes for a reason, they put you in a spot where you have to guess right or you are going to eat the same loop over and over again. You just need to learn to counter each option (backdash beats throw, block beats attack, etc) and then react/guess/read your opponent right. Theres no magical answer here, seriously just block.

if sakura’s reset led to another reset if you guess wrong then it is a vortex, isn’t it? or because it’s just a 50/50 reset (and sort of reactable) the odds aren’t stacked like a vortex?

focus dash and jumping beat some options in the kd vortexes though. if the crossup is ambiguous enough you can reversal out with bar with some chars. if it’s not too ambiguous you can probably aa or block right and try and escape. if he’s clearly behind you just block or akuma will hurricane you then juggle to sweep. block low and stay on point with your techs once they’re on the ground

ibuki vortex is way weaker. she only really has kunai crossup to hurt you