How to beat Vortex?

Block low, in SSF4 demonflip, dive kick and other are NOT overhead, so if you stay in a low guard it should be less hard. :tup:

serious?! are u telling me i can just block low the whole time and i’m pretty much cool?! bah this game.

fact that few people can combo off overhead almost makes blocking high a waste.

I’m not sure for Akuma’s demon flip throw, but for Akuma and Gouken’'s demon flip dive kick yes, you can block low. I’m not sure too for Rufus’s dive kick and other char, but I think it’s the same.

Akuma can still DF throw you if you’re crouching, and his vortex game is meant to be so ambiguous that you shouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a regular jump in or a Demon Flip when you’re knocked down; so much for crouching :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, so the best is still to play a char which have a teleport… :-p

Pick a Shoto and mash out

DF dive kick well timed beat shoryuken.

Uhh… What’s a “vortex”? I’ve heard of vacuum throws with tons of range but this? Only Seth has what I call a “vortex”.
Looking at a vid… So it’s okizeme> Why was it given that dumb name, a vortex, why can’t you just say “attacking on wakeup”?

Honestly, block the knockdown move and counter when the op starts his wakeup game. Also learn the other characters wakeup games. For example, adon is going to want to make you block low so he can go for a jaguar overhead.

sabin coined that name for characters with oki games that are heavily stacked in their favor, and that loop back into themselves on successful guesses.

no cause if he OS his jump then he’ll tag your teleport. best is block.

Vortex is kind of a new term that, as said, was first popping up when Sabin went to Japan and started talking about the Akuma Vortex.

It’s kind of evolved, and is actually a term thats still developing right now, and some consider it to be a useless term.

Generally though, a vortex has to fulfill a few criteria:

1)End in an untechable knockdown (the big difference here between a vortex and a mixup)
2) Have multiple paths to put the opponent into a guessing game on wakeup (cross up, throw/attack mixups ala akuma)
3) Be able to set itself back up on a successful knockdown.

This means people like Dee Jay, Ibuki, and Akuma have vortexes because they can keep exploiting their loop until you guess right. Stuff like Sakura resets aren’t a vortex, because it doesn’t end in an untechable knockdown. Stuff like Seth/Zangief setups aren’t vortex for the same reason, the command grab sets itself back up, but the other options to punish backdashes don’t. If an opponent has any control over their actions (like quick rise) then it’s not a vortex.

Also, even though Vortex is a subset of Okizeme (all vortexes are Okizeme, not all Okizeme is vortexes) that name itself kind of sucks, and provides no insight to what it actually refers to in a laymens term. Vortex, on the other hand, is a good term for the situation the defender finds themselves in.

But yeah, basically the Vortex term is still in its infancy and hotly debated on if it deserves its own term

So basically a badass okizeme.

Yeah 50/50 = vortex which is why the sagatex is crossup on their wake up, then am I gonna uppercut or am I gonna throw?

Or if we’re talking about untechable knockdowns, then the guytex: Am I gonna or am I gonna throw?

neither of those are vortex’s and both can be beaten by a simple late tech.