How to beat Yun!

so far i feel the best way is to be extremly lucky otherwise…

1.)what super to use.
a.) I prefer super art 1 on the grounds it gives you far more opportunities to deal great damage than super art 2 not that super art 2 is a bad choice. most of you should know your links and cancels good ones to remember hayate(link) forget) < however a great meaty AND quite hit confirmable.

b.) super art 2 is actually a huge threat during Genei Jin. You can parry his overhead easily if you are concentrating hard, free karakusa! (DeadPool135)

2.) how to stop divekick pressure.

a.) hayate’s are a great weapon to use, you can charge and cancel them depending on how close or far they are. hopefully it will give you enough time to block or parry otherwise goodluck =(

b.) works OCCASIONALLY only when they are infront of you and before they hit the ground which does really BEAT a divekick but it reset’s them in perfect distance to be dash up throw/karakusa/low high mixup.

c.) jumping fierce! most useful after a hayate mix up on the grounds that in my experience a yun won’t stay on the ground long. (unless they are fatbear and can beat me 100% because he cheats!)

d.) parry a dive kick waist up, mk karakusa. parry a dive kick waist down strong/fierce(RAMZA)

e.) i’ve noticed that s.MK is a very strong asset during post hayate or any occasion when they jump, not only that but if they block it it’s really pretty safe =D

a.) if they do a ground string and you see them UOH you can sa1 if you have the meter. parry but don’t plan on doing much after unless you have meter for sa1.

b.) if they do not know there combo’s well take advantage of the time they are missing you with a sa1

c.) URGENT MESSAGE… do not jump!

d.) refer to 1b


a.)Getting knocked down by Yun means you WILL TAKE DAMAGE, so use moves like EX Oroshi and EX Tsurugi that have safe blockstun and force Yun to take unnecessary risks to escape. Karakusa is actually one of her riskiest options because of free Yun mixup.(ARLIETH TRALARE)

b.)-Parrying a dash punch = free Jab Fukiage.(ARLIETH TRALARE)

c.)if hes not completely at point blank range you can kind of escape corners with sa2, but its not 100% fool proof. i like to use sa2 because its one of the few supers that actually outweigh the risk/reward of genei-jin(RAMZA)

d.) Learn to red-parry 2nd hit of shoulder during Gen’ei Jin, and Learn to red-parry 3rd hit of his target combo. I still have to practice that.(ARLIETH TRALARE)

THIS is what i have so far please give me some input so we can make this better!

Personally I find Makoto is one of the best characters that can consistently match Yun’s strength.

Hopefully everyone’s input would help some players out there, I’m glad you made this thread Mackinzie, I was actually thinking of doing the same eventually.

I get a TON of practice in against a great Yun player, so I may post some more info soon.

I will post something that I wrote before explaining why SA2 is actually a huge threat during Genei Jin. (*You can parry his overhead easily if you are concentrating hard = free karakusa)

I believe my post about Yun is a bit confusing. But essentially, Makoto can stop most of Yun’s overheads and grabs during Genei Jin…with quick reflexes and good timing that is (read the post to understand this more). Also, many Yun players have a tendency to do two mp.shoulders in a row; this is a potentially easy double parry on the second shoulder…into a free karakusa of course.
But, if your opponent likes to do set-ups with dive kicks in Genei Jin, you could run into complications with my strategy, and you may want to stick with SA1. And of course there are a few players that would shut down my strategy just because they are remarkable players.

Well, here’s the somewhat confusing post:

Small/Random Tips

-Exploit Yun’s mediocre defensive abilities, you are able to really abuse Makoto’s offense in this match up.

-Good mix-up opportunity after a blocked shoulder (non-Genei Jin). I usually can rack up some damage doing this occasionally. I usually do Kara-kara or --> hayate.

-After a blocked dive kick. A regular grab with often catch Yun before he can attack you. If your opponent likes to repeatedly dive kick, try to predict it, then jump up and roundhouse kick em outta there. is very useful on defense randomly, for things such as preventing Yun to catch you with his command grab. Plus, you have descent recovery if he instead jumps to dive kick you.

-Try to parry dive kicks when you are confident for the parry. Follow up with a mk. Karakusa, this is the only time that I am aware of mk.Karakusa being specifically useful. Also note, you must learn when you have a free karakusa opportunity after the parry, often times you wont be able to.

-Rush Yun Down Like Hell!

i do the same thing with the low kick deal during genei jin lol i’m gonna add some of your stuff to the first post. to make this as easy to read as possible ^^

^^ Thats cool, could turn out to be a massive post in the end.

umm just own

random nonsense:

nub yuns usually have repetitive poking patterns, so pay attention and parry/punish when they’re attempting to zone/build meter

some yuns also like to use xx dash-punch as a counter to karakusa setups (i dont know if this is actually good, or if i am doing karakusa too slow), so sometimes i tap down before grabbing/attacking when i’m up close and it usually mindfucks them fairly well for the rest of the match :confused:

against genei jin, i hear that blocking is pretty good. if you think you’re going to get command grabbed, trying to houdini-guess your way out of it usually screws you over more times than not. taking minimal damage out of a 1/3 meter command grab combo isn’t so bad compared to eating a c.lkxxpalm, etc etc finisher… but i suppose that makoto always has to take some risks to win :x

during genei jin i think you can reversal sa1 his overhead even if it hits? <-- probably not true

Against Yun, really getting down parrying the predictable divekicks the best you can is critical imo. Also if your not 100% sure you can parry it I recommend blocking them rather than dashing underneath or whatnot as it rarely works. Whether you throw or not when they lands depends on how deep the divekick is, if it hits you on the head throw their ass, if it hits you at the belt or below keep on blocking or backdash if you smell an input throw. I often try an option select here by tapping down than throw as if he jabs i get a parry, if he does a normal throw I break it, or if he was to high he gets thrown. Again option selects are really timing dependent so just blocking is the best most of the time. Parry Jab > Dash underneath > mixup or Parry> FP are your best bets. I typically go for Parry > FP if I’m not behind as it deals a very good chunk of dmg/stun and still puts me at the advantage just to a lesser degree. Jab > Dash underneath > mixup has more dmg potential so if I feel like I need to make up the life difference with a larger threat i go for this. Your options are Karakusa, c. lk xx hayate, s. mp xx s. lk xx hayate, and of course you other standard options if they block your c. lk or s. mp.

Genei-Jin just plains sucks. Your only really hope against a good Yun is to block and try to predict the input throw which if i feel ballsy I jump and EX Tsurugi him to the ground which should eat up all of his meter (Assuming he whiffs the input throw). If your in a corner the input throw IS a combo into ender even with only 1/3 meter at that same meter waiting to get input thrown into pitiful dmg is typically better. Also most Yun’s will mixup whether they go for the input throw early or late, really guessing is a familiarity thing, but one thing to look for is when his pokes become less frequent and he’s moving closer to you. Yun’s input throw doesn’t have karakusa type range so he needs to be in normal throw range pretty much to get you. Really that’s the only indicator I find to when the input throw is coming. If I’m blocking in the corner and he’s doing his lk bullshit I often will parry low > SAI cuz it hits, :rofl:, and that kills his meter. I have problems parrying his backs in Genei-Jin and eating one simply isn’t an option so if you can do that I’d probably parry into karakusa. As for poking a Genei-Jin Yun’d I only do it if they f. mk me as it will flip them eating a lot of time (I use c. lp because I heard it’s her fastest poke but I could be wrong on that). Also if you see a reset coming do your best to GET HIM OFF, reversal SAI (anwsers all but him blocking), Jump EX Tsurugi(input throw), block (strikes), or parry(when he air resets you and tries to catch you before you reach the ground) are your options really and him resetting into a Genei-Jin that deals like 40-50% is just game breaking.

parry dive kick waist above: mk karakusa(if its really really high you may actually whiff the command grab before they land, but it doesn’t happen too often)

parry dive kick waist below: stand fierce or strong(they can jump out of karakusa if they dive kick this low, you can punish that by doing fierce or strong)

if hes not completely at point blank range you can kind of escape corners with sa2, but its not 100% fool proof. i like to use sa2 because its one of the few supers that actually outweigh the risk/reward of genei-jin

against Dive Kicks i use often a “stupid” trick learned on this forum and personal experiencie against Yuns: Kara s. Lk. Hp//Ex Fukiage.

Get this in mind: Lk Dive Kicks is continued [often] with a regular Throw or 123 target combo, this means a free s. Hk, cause the s. Hk avoids throws and push yourself back enought to avoid the 1 in close range.

Vs GJ: try to do a Lk Karakusa after a “blocked chain” [WTF, Are U Crazy ?? O__oUu. YES, i’m crazy. XD] Why i do this ? if Yun don’t make the s. Lp xx c. Lk chain in a right time, you can grab him with Karakusa. The regular throw lacks of range to grab him in that range, is better [IMO] use a Karakusa (you know: No Risk, No Glory. XDD)

Ooo, that’s exactly the same view I have of it. I like it.

What combo do you use? KarakusaxxAbarexx sj MK Tsurugi > Dash > LP Fukiage > j. FP?

who dashes in that combo >.>?if you sj twards the falling foe than you should land in fukiage range and is it LP i always use mp probably why i miss it all the time :rofl:

I really hate to post this but I hope you guys are grateful and post something useful against makoto later on :lovin:


Karakusa beats St Forward :sad::sad::sad::sad:

how to beat makoto with yun:

1- activate

2- win

You’re talking as if the bitch wasnt on my face most of the time
I dont think this is an uneven match

haha i have no idea

it’s frustrating for makoto if yun shows a lot of patience and turtles like a bitch when he doesn’t have meter… just don’t get stuck in the corner

also i really fear yun’s command-grab->>sj.lpxxhp->rape mixups if he gets one. makoto doesn’t really have much to defend herself with and yun gets crazy meter from it.

…what am i doing… this is not the yun forum :confused:

no. block.

buffer fake sa1 really loudly then jump away smiling:smile:

lol whats with everyone thinking yun just turtles? 2 crossup divekicks and 2 chain combos then he has a geneijin. :tdown:

Lol. I really like that strategy. I wonder if yelling out “Ume super” would make that tactic more effective.

Yeah, I’m not a Yun player so I don’t have much input as for tips for him but…that command grab combo into that mix-up is seriously nasty. Certainly one of my biggest fears.