How to become aggressive?


My main problem and a habit:sad: I can’t get out of is that I’m to defensive.

I main guy but I can’t seem to be as aggressive as the better guy’s out there…

Is their any way I can learn to become more aggressive in my playstyle?

Take steroids?

Does Redbull count?

You’re actually in a good position. Defense is really hard to teach, whereas offense/rushdown can be taught very easily IMO.

You have to just stay on your opponent, constantly keep the pressure on them and forcing them to block. That’s the most basic way I can put it. Just continue with a flurry of blows/attacks and put them on the defensive. But be sure to know when to rush. If you rush 100% you’ll find yourself losing because your defense sucks. lol.

Just keep practicing! I haven’t used Guy much so I can’t help you there, unfortunately.

I’d argue that the most important rule to rushing is to know when to STOP rushing. Any noob can (and will) mash DP. Baiting this and getting into your opponent’s head will magnify your rush-down game by so much because it actually forces them (unless they’re super, duper, insanely stupid) to stop pressing buttons because they’re so scared of getting punished for it.

I think cobra had a solid initial point. Defense is a very important factor and it’s your defense that will actually make you offensive. You can’t attack where there’s no opening. So being defensive will pretty much show you 1- where your opponents has holes in his/her own offense that you can take advantage of and 2- how to create your own opportunities to go on the offensive.

On a basic level learn spacing. Know what your opponent can do at a given range and what you can do and therefore who wins. Then try to get the ranges that are beneficial to you.

Then I guess you an incorporate the idea of anticipating an opportunity to become offensive in a situation where you would not have the opportunity had you waited and not seen it coming. An easy example I guess would be if your opponent continuously tries to reset a block string in a specific situation. Say abel for instance does step kick then, cr.lp, cr.lp,cr.lp then step kick again. You had 2 opportunities to reversal with a character with a dp (and most other characters). after the step kick and before the second step kick. Again this is given the situation where Abel continuously does this and you READ the opportunity before hand i.e anticipate. Not just simply mashing it out.

Rushdown is all about wakeup games. You can’t really just start rushing down out of nowhere. You need to get a knockdown, preferably an untechable knockdown(sweep, throw, super, ultra). That’s where you opportunity comes from. Once their down, you can start safe jumping or using meaty attacks to keep the pressure on.

Basic example. You get a sweep, you walk up and throw him on his wakeup. You walk up and throw him on wakeup again. Now, he doesn’t want to get thrown again, so he’ll try and tech, but this time you’re going to walk up and hit him with a meaty jab hit confirm combo.

It all comes off of the knockdowns. “You can’t rush down on hopes and dreams.”

rushdown has almost nothing to do with wakeups imo. almost everyone wants to mix up on wakeup no matter what style you play. rushdown is about being proactive and pressuring during footsies

Eh, I don’t know much about Guy, but a lot of characters can rush down without wakeup games. Bison, for example, doesn’t really rely on knockdowns as much since safejumps are only practical after throws.

Wrong. Wakeup games are better known as “mix-ups”.

Rushing down is getting in on their defense, breaking it, and beating them to a pulp. Like when I played Valle at MWC when he was playing Adon. He never stopped coming and I couldn’t get him off of me. There was even a few times where he had me so mentally cracked that I just let him walk toward me, and he baited an uppercut because I was expecting a grab. I was using sagat then he landed a massive FADC ultra combo on me, which leads to my next point:

Getting your opponent in the corner, which is exactly what he did. He got me there, and I was completely at his mercy. If I jump, I’m nailed. If I block, I have nowhere to run, so he’s going to keep coming and mixing highs, lows, grabs and overheads in until he gets a hit. Like I said: Breaking the defense, and beating the opponent senseless. That’s rushdown. Nailing somebody on wake-up isn’t rushdown, that’s mix-up.

Like I said, you can teach somebody rush-down, because there’s certain things with each character that you have to do in order to rush down. That’s able to be taught. Defense on the other hand, you can’t just tell somebody “See that? Block it.” They have to learn how to block the attack(s), get out of mix-ups and be patient on their own.

Being full out offensive in the SFIV series is not easy at all; The fact that reversals are a big factor and input leniency influences em. No matter how fast your rushdown is, you are obligated to make certain defensive pauses to bait your opponent out, and yes those pauses can kill your rhythm.


Well said man. You pretty much said it all. Rushdown is all about mindgames and baiting out stuff. Michigan Represent!!! lol


You play Guy? You are at the right point. Learn how to block first. Guy is all about punishing shit like uppercuts. A good offensive player baits stuff out then punishes accordingly.

Thank you sir. bows

TFA “Q” bringin’ the intel. 8D

Attack more. No jokes, really, just attack more. Throw caution to the wind for a while and don’t worry about what happens or how you do. Just have fun and experiment and see for yourself how people react to it, and how they react differently to you than normal. You’ll start to get a feeling for what works and when in a very short amount of time.

Spotting opportunities and seizing opportunities. I think the key to aggression specifically is that you’re also taking it a step further, by spotting small opportunities to create big opportunities, and usually there is a (calculated) risk involved in this.

From there, you can pretty easily cherry-pick your choicest learned elements and concentrate your focus on adding those to your natural gameplay. Narrowing it down to a few specifics (at a time) makes it a lot easier to integrate alien things into whatever’s normal for you. From then on, it’s just practice.

I think you already know all this.

It depends where you are at skill-wise for you to be aggressive. Firstly you need to hit your BnB combos all the time to get knockdowns, if you can’t combo properly, then you can’t get any momentum to be aggressive in the first place, because knockdowns are the best way to create momentum. You are punished heavily for any errors whilst being on the offense in this game, but you’re rewarded with a more involved gameplay assuming you can actually start your rushdown in a game.

Secondly, you need to figure out the right range where you can create mix-ups. You force the opponent to take risks to jump in, you force the opponent to move around, fireball or what not, though some people do that themselves no matter what you do. Maybe play vs good Guys so you know what ranges make people uncomfortable and scared at, what ranges they will get a headache at. Guy is awesome at being in the space he needs to be.

Having a good offense requires you to be in the right place, forcing the opponent to have to think about as many things as possible, or just forcing them to make a decision quickly. The advantage is that you on the rushdown end know ALL the options once you’ve practiced your character through and through, whereas their matchup knowledge may be vastly weaker on their end and you can exploit that. As someone said, offense favours chaos, defense favours order. Give yourself as many options as possible to be aggressive, limit their offensive options(zone/space) if you want to be on defense.

You aren’t making people guess. If you’re too defensive, then people will know that you will only move in certain directions, and that you will only react and not anticipate. I don’t know how you play, but I wouldn’t be surprised if your defensive game wasn’t that great either.

Also, you should use defensive tools as offensive tools. like threaten with an anti-air by dancing in and out of that range where if your opponent jumps, he’ll hit you and you either block or whiff. You pretty much telegraph that if they jump in it’s an AA for you. Now you have them grounded, so you THINK you have them shut down in the air. Depending on how tight or loose the space is, you can bait guys to do anything or create an illusion of possibly getting walked or pushed in another form to the corner for trying to anti-air… that’s when you jump at them to get a blocked jump-in from a bad whiff or something. Basically, i’m telling you that you should be more dynamic in your movements, and stop thinking one dimensionally, and think of the micro instead of the macro, because the micro will lead to the macro. Inch your way to victory.

Just make the guy keep guessing and play good footsies.

Maybe you sniped the guy in the air a few times, now THEY are playing ‘defensive’ and they try not to jump in at you so stupidly. You can walk them to the corner now and you are shutting down more options when they have low health so they are pretty much your play thing in the corner, and your stupid mixups and shenaigans are easier to land.

It’s kind of pointless to arbitrarily decide you need to play more aggressive if you can’t create opportunities for yourself and figure out peoples defense. It’s not as simple as bullshitting out the first knockdown and mixing up poke strings and tick throws with no idea whether they will hit or not. First learn how to get knockdowns or cornering your opponent from positions of neutral momentum. Then do your vortexes or whatever you call it.

Walk forward.

3 things:

  1. Learn and utilize a combo that uses a hit confirm. You want to be aggressive… not reckless

  2. Learn mix-ups, cross-ups, tick throw setups, baits. Guy can be very good at baiting (his air throw is nasty)

  3. The best defense is a good offense.

3 things:

  1. Learn and utilize a combo that uses a hit confirm. You want to be aggressive… not reckless

  2. Learn mix-ups, cross-ups, tick throw setups, baits. Guy can be very good at baiting (his air throw is nasty)

  3. The best defense is a good offense.