How to become part of the EVO Staff?

Ever since my first evo I’ve always wanted to become involved into running the tournament itelf. I enjoy helping on events that gather a lot of people, but don’t missunderstand me, I’m not presenting a resume here. Im just wondering if there’s actually a way to sign up to help on evo.

I remember that sometimes pools were runned by players, I saw Duc do running a pool once and the usual SRK mods too.

Does anybody know anything about this matter?

I think you have to deliver a mcrib to wiz to become part of the evo staff. Good luck in your quest! :tup:

i think all you have to say is you want to run a bracket and you’re good to go

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If I am dressed up like Bugs Bunny, and I asked to run a bracket do you think theyd let me?

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Interesting, never thought of it that way. I always thought it was spur of the moment kind of thing. I dont know if you’re interested in planning events such as evo and its locations etc etc. But most people help out by cleaning or running brackets and such. I have a hunch that the group planning and executing evo as a whole is much more tight knit than people just running brackets. GL though, it’s always good to know there is someone interested in taking on those thankless jobs <3

If I can offer some advice, it’s best to know how to actually run brackets.

We love when people pitch in that know how to run brackets. The problem is, most people dont know how to run brackets properly. There should always be a waiting match on deck so that there is minimal downtime between matches.

But we welcome the help and look forward to you guys chipping in at evo.

The best way is to just ask. I think I have helped out every year whether it is cleaning up, running brackets or just taking registrations. Occasionally a staff member will announce that they need help. That is when you need to step up. Even the staff members at Evo like to take a break every now and then.

If you can run brackets and a station becomes available where they need to start getting the next pools started and need a body to run it, just take some initiative and run ask for a bracket and get to work.

The hard part, is getting people to stay the fuck put, because it is always the one who leaves to use the restroom for ‘one minute’ who ends up slowing things down… when it gets closer to finishing the your brackets and you can no longer run matches unless his game is played.

Other than that, they can always use the extra help.

this link should help for those of you wanting to join the evo staff.

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Yeah as a tournament organizer myself the best help comes from those who know how to run brackets “right”. Also from my experience having help during setup is always good. Lugging around tvs, tables, and consoles sucks when your short handed.


Just remember that being an Evo staff member is a thankless job, from what staff has told me themselves. Even if you do the best damn job at running the brackets, it’s likely the other staff will be the only ones to thank you for helping run the tournament.

I helped move TV’s once. Wiz offered me a a bye for any game I didn’t play.

Had I accepted the offer I would have made top 8 in VF with a 0-2 record.