How to begin with Honda?



I’m looking to pick up Honda in 2012 for a few reasons. But I’m slightly clueless on where to begin.

I understand I need to learn the “lp xx HHS, s.HK” BNB, so I’ll use the HHS thread for that. But other than that, What do? I know it’s a broad question, So just give me your top 3 best tips with Honda (Opinions!)

Thanks. And sorry for the shitpost. but Y’know. Why not.


I think a good way to start playing Honda is to try to win matches while doing as few things as possible. Don’t do something when you could do nothing instead. Get the hang of sitting on your ass and watching your opponents habits and style, then destroy them once you have a read.

Things like EX Headbutting their frame traps, LP Headbutt/nj.HP/bj.HP their jump-ins, jump/U1/Super their projectiles. There’s a lot more to it than that, but those are some basic ideas of what to look for. Once you have a feel for that kind of reactive defense, then you can start worrying about offense and overcoming zoning characters.

And for the love of God, don’t just do lots of specials because you are playing online and it’s hard to block buttslams in lag. That won’t teach you anything, and you’ll just get brutalized if you try to rely on that shit against decent players offline.


If you want to stop buttslaming, just play against Ryu the CPU on hardest for 10 matches. He will srk every single one.


*neutral j.hp is awesome.
*st. HK good poke.
* stuffs out a lot of anti air normals. good air to air too.


Aaah honda, my first online main, loved me raking in the wins.
If you wanna play Honda boy u gotta learn to play him right

You got to know when sit
Know when to headbutt
Know when to HHS
Know when to wiff ochio throw

You never use random headbutts on decent offline players, there will be time enough to headbutt when ex is stocked

Now when u start winning, you realise you need some more skills, to get those clutch wins and add some salt. You gotta be patient, you gotta pick your moments and then you realise what u got to do

You got to know when to njHP
know when to jump back HP
Know when to jump projectiles
Know when to AA ultra

You never count your dashes when u r crouching charging ur headbutt, there will be time enough for dashin when setting up ochio throw.

You got to know when to sHK
Know when to cLK clp HHS
Know when ex buttslam
Know when to block

You never jump recklessly when you play against shotos, there will be time enough for jumping, when you use jump MP.



Learn to use st hp as an AA, otherwise ur playing a character with no AA when you move forward which is a very hard thing to do.


pick a costume and colour. Really, it helps you stay focused


This is the first thing to learn!


I second Honda, and I actually never spent much time learning his advanced stuff - I basically watched Mike Ross! I think he is certainly easier to learn than my main, Makoto anyway haha. Here’s my advice:

> Get lp xx HHS down quick, just practice the piano motion over and over. Remember you have a few options to follow it;, HHS, EX HHS or even Super.

> Doing nothing once you have the life lead is fine. (Of course, you’re doing SOMETHING, namely watching them and trying to read them/make them impatient :stuck_out_tongue: )

> Your footspeed is pretty good. You may be surprised at how effective simply walking up to your opponent and command grabbing them is. Obviously don’t count on this, and you should not do it until you have an idea of their tendencies. It’s great for stuffing people that are shy to press buttons though :3

> is your best cross-up, and you can do basically anything if it hits.

> j.lp is good for setting up a command grab.

> hits low, so it’s great for when they’re trying to walk up to you. It’s fast too.

> jab headbutt is gdlk. Honestly, when they’re in range you can just throw it out - it’s totally safe on block. There are tons of times I’ve caught people out this way.

> nj.hp is outstanding. Remember that you can steer the direction you go in the air, it took me a while to realise that!