How to block Ibuki's mixup

Hey everyone,

I’m having trouble blocking Ibuki’s mixup when I get knocked down. The Ibuki player usually knocks me down, crosses up and throws an air kunai, then continues with the combo. I’m not sure if it’s a cross up or not because when I block in the opposite direction I still get hit.

My question is where do I block?

Thanks in advance!

That’s the problem with a cross-up: it’s supposed to be hard to know which way to block.

Ive have yet to verse a good ibuki but I would ignore the kuni and block the proper side depending where she is. that works for stuff such as sim fireball tele cross up so don’t see why it wont work with ibukis

Sig says boxer you can try TAP or ex dash to get the hell out of her range as well not sure if it will work since I don’t use him

What’s a good strategy of getting out of it? I’ve played an Ibuki where he did this the whole match and I couldn’t do anything.

Unless they’re the best ibuki player ever it’s possible to tell which side it’s going to land on.

If you block the vortex once you’re pretty much out of it and almost every ibuki goes for the cross up.

It’s tough but, you just have to break the vortex and get out of it then don’t let them start again.

You don’t block the Kunai.

You block Ibuki. Block away from whichever side Ibuki is on and you will block the Kunai, same with Dhalsim’s yoga fire + teleport trick.

First of all, tell me your character that you’re using.

I’ll start off by saying that I never have this problem with Cammy because once I see Ibuki going for her vortex, I immediately Cannon Spike, because of the trajectory, it beats air Kunai AND autocorrects in some cases, or in other cases, it simply gets me out of the situation safely. You have to realize that 100% of competent Ibuki’s WILL get you trapped in this after a knockdown. Pay attention to where they throw their Kunai from, and make sure and block Ibuki and not the Kunai, even if she crosses past your body (which can be hard to tell).

If you are really having trouble seeing where to block, dash/backdash on recovery. It will still hit you down and tech you, but at least its a techable knockdown and you can get up faster than Ibuki can start her next vortex.

Another Idea is to throw out an abiility on wake-up that has invincibility frames to protect you. The key is to not get knocked down, but in the case where you do (and most likely will), Pay attention to where Ibuki throws her Kunai from and block HER, unless of course she crosses over you, then you are obligated to BLOCK main on the other side(similar to Dhalsims Fireball Teleport)

But Usually all reversals that are DP in form beat Ibuki’s vortex, if done correctly, or at the very least, gets you out of trouble safely. I’ll admit its hard to judge using a character that doesn’t have a reversal, but maybe this might be something you’re going to have to set up in training mode.

I use Balrog.

For you guys answering with reversal usage… thank you because I can’t wait to do my safe jump vortex setups on you all. That is all.

I haven’t been hit with that yet, but I’m gonna need to learn it sometime. Also, I don’t know how well Ex Buffalo Headbutt works, but based on the trajectory (if autocorrected), it may work. I think Boxer’s reversal actually gets him OUT of most cross up situations from what I can remember. Try it out in training room before you get caught by it for a rude awakening online. Better safe than sorry.

Buffalo Head will not get you out of the vortex. against a well timed meaty kunai reversals get eaten free. Certain characters like Boxer have a way out of the vortex (EX DASH PUNCH). However for characters that don’t there are two ways to get out.

a.) guess correctly and block right

b.) wake-up focus attack cancelled with dash

  • you have to time this right or it won’t work and ibuki can adapt to this but it’s better than just getting vortexed for free.
    ^ if you need a good example of the watch the godsgarden match of daigo (Ryu) vs. momochi (Ibuki)

here is some match info

go into training mode and record ibuki doing various kunai cross up shenanigans un til you figure out where she has to be in the air to crossup or not cross up. That helped me some but i still fall for it sometimes.

As I am starting to add Ibuki as my main I have to say that I hate that this thread exists. lmao

The OP plays boxer/balrog so I think it is level 1 turn punch avoids the vortex but I know one his moves avoids the dagger vortex 100%. And maybe something else like an ultra/supper or maybe focus back dash.

If done right it is hard to block her because the dagger changes where she lands and she pretty much wants to land on your head so is ambiguous as to which side to block but it is 50/50 and most characters have a decent way to get out, like ultra/supper/ex move, etc.

Wasting a full bar to avoid the cross up is a terrible choice unless you’re close to death.

Most of the time when u reverse two things will happen. If I mistime a kunai so it’s not meaty you’ll basically eat the kunai up with the DP and then hit me with the DP. Though if I do the kunai real meaty what happens is Cammy’s cannon spike (even the regular ones) basically push her forward and away from the kunai. So in essense it’s almost as if you’re sliding yourself out of the way of the kunai when u DP. The problem is when u do that Ibuki lands long before u even reach the top of the air with your cannon spike. So a good Ibuki will just see you flying in the air with a DP or EX DP and then they’ll just HP neck break you as you’re falling back down and you go right back into the vortex. Though of course most Ibukis don’t know to do that and will just let you fly away for free.

**Safest universal things to do against kunai vortex is block or focus backdash. ** Ibuki can stuff a lot of regular Ryu/Sagat style reversals with the kunai and the others she can just watch them fly up in the air and then HP neck break them as they fall down and put them back in.

i dunno i have had times where the ibuki user shoot a kunai very early in the jump so i have to block the kunai and then i switch my block to the other direction because the kunai hits you before she even jumps over you.

Balrog/Boxer has the best Kunai escape in the game, Turn-Around Punch. It will get you out 100% if she throws the Kunai. EX Straight Dash Punch also works, but that costs meter.

To counter this, Ibuki has to do different mixups on Boxer after a knockdown like safe jump Fierce/Short (at the right distance, short crosses up, fierce doesn’t) or empty jump into a low attack. If Boxer still tries to do the Turn-Around Punch in this situation, you can punish him with neckbreaker (if he goes underneath you) or target combo (if he stays in front of you).