How to block Seth's jumping head stromps?

I can’t figure it out. I do it standing up he hits me. I do it away he hits me. I do it towards he hits me. What am I missing?

Block high. It sometimes crosses up depending on how he’s riverdancing so factor that in

Set a seth dummy to do it in training mode against you because it’s pretty ambiguous

Your best bet though is to aa him as he’s jumping at you with your chars best aa normal - it seems to fare better than reversal specials

I’m going to use this thread to ask questions on how to combat certain characters too.

Now I’ve read Juris matchup and strats. It’s very useful, but it’s focused mainly on people who know how to play characters well. My problem is I don’t know how to face people who can’t play characters and just fucking scrub their way through me. Which is infuriating.

Akuma for starts. I’ve come up against loads of Akuma’s that just fireball fireball jump fireball jump fireball. It’s so fucking annoying. It’s all they know how to do and the worst part is, they don’t feel the need to learn anything else because it actually works for them. I can’t get in there to do any damage. My main is Juri. I just played a match where I destroyed 2 3rds of a guy health so all he did was jump back and spam the same fucking shit over and over and I just don’t know how to deal with that.

Dive Kick or just stand by and run away too

Yeah if you beat the shit out of him and he started running away, don’t follow him

Most people I find feel like they always need to be doing something, and usually that’s not the case. If he’s jump back fireballing and you need to get in on him - just walk forward. Block incoming fireballs or fadc them and keep moving him into the corner. Once he’s there stay like 3/4 screen away and either

  1. punish the fireballs with something
  2. gain revenge by fadcing
  3. wait

A lot of people have a big problem with 3 for some reason. The main objective of sf is to win rounds. Not win rounds really quickly. If it takes some time to open someone up, so be it. You have nothing but time - they don’t

Also it may be worth mentioning that if he is just doing jump back fireballs, he’s probaby horrible, so doing thingslike running the clock and taunting will usually get them to come to you

The most IMPORTANT thing to remember, and IMO one of the only good things about online play is that there is no “wrong” way to play a character. You aren’t playing against Ed ma who is going to play a textbook akuma against you - you’re playig some guy on xbox live. Play the player first, then play the matchup

Very helpful. Thanks a lot. I think if I get the life lead (which I usually do against scrubby Akuma players) I’ll just wait it out and wait for his mess up from now on.

I believe it has been said in the past that “the person with the life lead is given the RIGHT to run away and turtle”. There really is no reason to chase someone who is losing, they are already killing themselves with every tick of the clock. Also, as was mentioned above, walking is the BEST option, yet so underrated at times. Sometimes when I face a fireball spammer like Gouki or Dhalsim, I walk up and block. This is extremely useful, because you feign the opponents’ offense. If they get to the point where they are still throwing fireballs, even when it is unsafe to do so, punish them for being too predictable.

And just a side note: When fighting fireball akumas, understand that his air fireball HAS to recover on his landing. even though it looks quick, he does have frames of recovery to recoop, its not instant. What I usually do (since im cammy) is if he throws a fireball from the air, I walk up and block it, and if he does it again, I spiral arrow his landing or ultra his landing while he is descending. Because he cant instantly block when he lands, its a really bad idea for him to keep doing air fireball when i have ultra.

Yeah I agree. Also I didn’t know about the jump fireball recover. Really helped. I just faced an akuma. Got him down loads and low and behold, the spam comes out. So I kept my cool, didn’t rush in. Eventually he realises I’m not going to jump in and play his games. So he comes looking to even the health, so I punish that shit and Akuma is down.

Thanks for the help guys.