How to block string and frame trap with Fei-Long

in certain match-ups were you can keep the opponent on defensive all game would be use full , becuase it frustating for me when i get corner trapped and block stringed to death with their frame trap and mental mix-up game

Theres no big secret to it. Block correctly and tech throws. Don’t mash crouchtech, just use it when you see a throw coming. Also, use chickenwing wisely if you see an opening and if they jump on you anti-air to regain momentum. Simple as (or as complicated as) that.

thanks but what i was asking for was specific moves that combo and link (with good recovery and frame advantage)to keep on the offensive while my oppenent blocks the whole match so i can work my mental and mix-up game. in my 3 part style with fei constist of smoothering , footsie , and keep away. basically close ,medium, and far. depending on the match-up with close range were fei is at his best i need help the most . if that makes since. im open for suggestions and online help if any are willing

Block strings are fairly simple with Fei, ie. cr.LK x3/4, st.LK is the simplest really. But you can work out your own based around that obviously.

As for frame traps, they come from using normals that leave 1-3 frame gaps in between them. A good one I use would be something like on a blocked jump in, cr.LK, cr.LK, cr.MP, cr.MK, cr.HP, LP Rekka.

A lot of the time, I just vary that. If you throw in overhead quite often, then that cr.MK hits them a lot as well, because they start blocking high after you get a good distance away with your string. After the LP Rekka, which due to the pushback of the string you should be at about perfect range for, you can follow again with something like cr.HP, MP Rekka and so on. It’s not unusual to make your opponent fearful enough to do anything that you’re still pressuring them at over half screen after a block-string.

Anyway, that’s just to give you some ideas, Merry Christmas!

oh, sorry, read the last part and thought you were asking how to defend frame traps and such. Merry Christmas

While Spartan_Throne hit the nail on the head, this really catches a lot of opponents off-guard. Safe-jump/cross, but do it in an obvious way so they block correctly, st.LP xx Kaiten (Command Grab, and you cancel the st.jab into it). They try to crouch tech they get tagged, and to make it even tighter you can use EX Kaiten. Then of course after the command grab connect st.HP xx Flame Kick HK or st.HP xx Rekka to take them to corner. Another part of Fei’s deadly offense. Also after you make your opponent conditioned to you jumping on their wakeup with an airborne attack, change it up and jump but don’t do an airborne attack and just go for> This hits a lot, but make sure when you perform your that you press down back+LP+LK, and do it twice, in case your opponent mashes throws you’ll tech and be safe, otherwise your will come out, and mostly tag them, which you follow up into your BnB.