How to block teleport move?

I play a dude online and he always does the stupid teleport (Meteor Smash is it?) and it annoys me. Whats the best way to block it/punish it because sometimes it goes behind and sometimes infront of you.

Meteor Smash hits on three fixed places on the screen: the left corner, the middle, the right corner. If you are in the corner of the stage or in the corner of the screen (zoomed out) it won’t hit behind you. Adjust the way you block according to your position on the screen. You might want to avoid standing in places where it’s ambiguous whether Skrull will cross up or not. Since you didn’t say otherwise, I’m assuming this guy has no assist covering his Meteor Smashes. Therefore, you are free to punish him after a block with a quick attack.


I Needed Help with this also thanks:)

Also, check where your guy is facing. Your character will look at the direction he will land. Though there is a way to fool that, I’m sure he doesn’t know the spacing though.