How to block Urien's Aegis unblockables


This video was posted way back in 2009, but I don’t know whether it had a decent translation or not. Until now!
A friendly member of the 3rd Strike Europe group translated the entire video. His original comment can be found here (note: closed Facebook group, you may not be able to see it).
I cleaned up his translation and posted it to YouTube, but I’m posting it here as well for posterity’s sake.


[details=Spoiler]0:04 - What usually happens when if you put an opponent between Aegis Reflector and Urien.
0:16 - When you are pushed into the Aegis, if you hold the stick away from Urien (in this case to the right), you get hit. It may seem unblockable.
0:21 - However if you switch the direction of your block (towards Urien) just before you are pushed into the Aegis (here, to the left), you can guard the Aegis.
0:27 - But with that block direction, you cannot block Urien’s attacks (punches/kicks)
0:33 - And if you block to the right, you block Urien’s attack and the first hit of Aegis, but the second hit of Aegis will connect and thus you will be comboed by Urien.
0:40 - Either method of blocking will result in getting comboed. Is there any way of escaping without parrying? [he mentions “1 frame air tech skill”, but I don’t understand that]
0:44 - No!
0:47 - Change your block direction while blocking
0:51 - → (block kick and Aegis)
← (block 4 hits of Aegis)
→ (block elbow, Aegis, elbow)
0:59 - and then do something like this.
1:03 - The reason you can guard elbow - 6th Aegis hit - elbow without switching direction is because it is not a continuous blockstring. This is not unblockable either.
1:07 - But with this setup the Aegis still has 6 hits, and Urien can delay the timing of his kicks or…
1:12 - The timing of his elbow to make the blocking difficult.
1:16 - Hence, you should only try this when the Aegis has fewer hits remaining. It depends on the situation; it seems like 4 hits is the limit for relatively easy blocking.
1:24 - For example, this combo on Alex. There are only 3 hits remaining on the Aegis, so Urien has to kick as soon as possible [allowing for a predictable block].
1:35 - Also this combo on Yun and Yang. A little bit different than usual; to block when Urien pushes you with his dash, you have to learn the timing of the dash, and at precisely that moment switch your block direction.
1:44 - BTW, this trick does not work in the corner. You will only be able to block the knee by holding left [i.e. out of the corner]…
1:50 - If Urien uses his knee, after he moves above your head parry to the right [i.e. towards the corner], and immediately let go of the stick (because if you move you may touch the Aegis Reflector). Punish Urien when he lands.
1:57 - But there is a situation where you cannot escape from Aegis - it depends on how Urien “jumps” across your head. After parrying, it is better to hold right to block the rest of the hits of the Aegis, or low parry.

There’s a section afterward on how to block Yang’s Seiei Enbu divekick cross-up. That’s been translated too, but I haven’t cleaned it up. In case you want to see it anyway, here it is below:


by the way, as for unblockable seiei combo in the middle of stage, if crouch middle punch is fast too much, you can guard that with right direction guard.

to make that combination unblockable, crouch middle punch must hit right after image of yang hit twice.

in that case, you better guard the image of yang twice with left crouch guard, then gurad crouch middle punch

yang player must know the timing that yang blows crouch middle punch right after second image of yang hits.

and if the opponent try to guard the image of yang twice with crouch left guard, you can attack him with crouch middle punch of earlier timing. i think this seems make the opponent choose between two way.

The System Mechanics Thread

cool. Thank you Europe 3s dudes for truly keeping 3s alive. For keeping history relevant.


“friendly member” I guess if you count death threats and rampant racism as friendly yeah :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah, this is good stuff! Uriens give me a lot of trouble and if I mess up and let them start their Aegis unblockable shenenigans, it’s pretty much over. I’ll have to mess around with this. Thanks for posting that!


No problem. I would like to hear from people who’ve followed the instructions and tried it out - did it work? Were there any problems? I want feedback so I can correct any mistakes made in the translation (which I have to stress isn’t from me).


I figured it out before on my own. It’s difficult and is easily mixed up.

It’s cool but not practical.

But I think it’s cool to see it translated. Thanks


It’s just a sub matrix routine. What I mean is you do everything the same, so no impractical changes to your gameplan, except that now where you had a wildcard situation of guess parry or try to block regular, you can decide on or attempt to anticipate which one he is going to attack with and then cut it down to a rhythm the way you would a parry and continue. It’s not like you’d not be earning it if you parried it but it’s not like you deserve to get it just cause you know how to block aegis regularly. You’re probably supposed to take a lesson like fuzzy guarding out of the endeavor. I’d try it myself but I’m not using ggpo for this game anymore, not if I can help it anyway, and I dropped soda all over my xbox so I have to open it up clean it out and buff the surfaces gently for the next month.

So go rock paper scissors on the thing or figure out some fancy fuzzy guarding routine that lets you cover high bases and one to help you cover low bases. Fuzzy just means that you use input latency to cover the other option and use your focus to cover the active one. This makes it so that you input on the next move is still the last command but also the new one.

To put it in another sense, you basically work at such an optimal level and really push the pixels to the brim so you can get the processor/cpu/ram/machine/hardware to sweat it because it has two valid answers and can only provide you with one result. You can probably even amp up the action so that when Aegis picks up the processor or whatever, it is slowed down by the “refreshing” of the processor or whatever. I used to be really good at this in my Marvel 2 days because, frankly, you had to be.

I forget what else I was saying. I’ll come back if I remember.


It’s nice to have SOME possibility of doing something about Urien’s Vortex Of Shit other than saying, “Oh fuck. Well, I guess THAT round’s over with” if you screw up and get caught in it, regardless of how impractical it may be.


It’s easier to parry out.


These posts again!


urien can change the specifics so much most of the time you’re just going to spaz trying to block and get hit anyway i imagine.
all it takes is just a brief pause, a different normal, whatever and you’re guessing just as much as you always are vs the unblockable setups.
pretty cool though to see it actually done.


I’ve had success vs the midscreen unblockable that involves by down parrying first, then parrying towards Urien

If you do this correctly Urien will be in the parry freeze for a bit, depending on what you do next you might be able to hit him with a fast move, or he just wont be able to do another unblockable attempt

Another fun thing to do when he has you in the corner and he does the blocked tackle into aegis set up is to red parry the first hit of aegis, and since most Uriens dash immediately you can just throw him into the corner


yeah pretty much i always go for down parry and at least try.
i mistime it 99% of the time but i feel like that’s most often the best choice.

cool bit about the throw. and then you also escape the corner right because you push through the aegis during throw animation? its happened to me a scant few times.


Yeah for most characters it should push them away from the aegis in the corner, if not all


I can never seem to get that right either. :sad: Guess its back to the training room for me.


For the standard midscreen where urien uses toward mk to break guard it’s three parries towards urien. You can throw. There’s some other cool things you can do after too. I have some videos but don’t know how to share.

The timing is 12…3.


got you doggie


Wow! Okay, so basically you’re parrying Aegis twice in the opposite direction of Urien himself, am I right? If he tries to hit you while you’re parrying Aegis, does it auto parry those attacks?


Always parry towards Urien.

The timing for the first few are different as I’m pushed into their really meaty.

The final ken combo is the standard parry timing. Usually you should just throw. Only a few characters can do something cool.


When you parry out of an unblockable the direction your sprite faces doesn’t correspond with your parry inputs. It makes it look much more awesome than it actually is!