How to brake-in a pad fast?

Here is a pic of an opened ps2 pad.

What makes the pad have that broken in feel to it without playing for 5 years?

The 4 sided claw: Im guessing this helps the diagonals register. On a lot of my pads, one piece is broken off and now on has 3 claws. I find that the 3-sided claw makes the pad less stiff than the four but the angle without the claw is a little less responsive to diagonals.

The rubber under the Dpad: My buddy told me that once he got a new pad, he just swapped out that old rubber and put it in the new one and it feels the sameI havent tried yet since I all my pads are newish. Any ideas on softening the rubber? Like microwaving it or something.

Also, I notice that newer pads look different on the inside. I wonder if I have to track down a pad from 1999 to get the best feel since Im sure theyve made changes in the last 7 years.

Any help is good.

switching out the rubber sounds like a good start…I’m not sure if you need an old one though.

Not to sound like an ass, but can you play on a joystick? If so why not just use that, if not…spend your time/effort on learning how…

I second “get a stick”, or if you’re comfortable with pad internals, build one. :slight_smile:

I can play on a stick, but I perfer the american stick over hori and I’m mainly using the pad for tekken and instead of bringing the 20lb MAS stick to the arcade, I’d rather bring a nice pad.

Get a saturn pad, a NeoPAD 2, or any other pad that doesn’t use the sony D-Pad…

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