How to break guard/mixups in Genei-jin?

My yun is still pretty scrubby, so I’m not really sure where to start. If I do an across the screen genei-jin, my set-up is usually walk up or and if they turtle hard, walk up command grab. I have the grab setups down, but I was wondering once a lands, how do you follow up and get them up in the air? I can hit confirm the into shoulder, but it’s usually blocked, so I’m probably doing it wrong. What’s the right way to follow up a or a st.hp in genei jin?

You can do st. HP into shoulder after landing cr. MK from the right range. It’s like the same range from doing 123 xx activate GJ or 123 x LP shoulder xx activate GJ.
I find it easier to get them up into the air that way.

personally i typically verify every last hit i can in the genei but and are particularly tough. is not as bad you just gota learn to be standing(joystick neutral) b4 fierce but is a bitch because of the awkward timing for a fierce after. i usually do >st.fierce and verify the fierce to see whether or not imma do the shoulder next but with i only use it if their walkin back as i walk closer to them (>shoulder and pop their up) or if their standing there at a distance 2 great for >VERIFY > shoulders easiest\safest way to do it within range while your opponent is in a brief moment of “oh fuck me”

japanese do walk up close > for a reason, because they combo easily and you can confirm the mp hit into a > f+hp

thanks man, that’s I was lookin’ for!

you can also mix it up and walk forward, > pause> > uoh(hit confirm) > > f+hp

short,short,short pause low parry works really well against chun a lot of them like to stick out a cr.jab to fuck up strings