How to break into competitive FGs as a PC gamer?

Short introduction: I’ve been a life-long gamer (both console and PC), but in the mid-to-late 2000s my 360 Red-Ringed one too many times and I’ve been stuck playing PC games (primarily F2P PvP MMOs) ever since. As of late, I’ve grown dreadfully tired of PvP MMOs due to their inherent RPG nature: RNG miss/critical rates, needing strong gear to stand a chance in PvP, leveling for weeks just to see if you like the class or if the class is viable, and the overall shallow metagames that exist in such games.

From the outside looking in, FGs would fix all of my qualms with PvP MMOs, so I’d really like to become more than a stream monster. I have a solid understanding of general fighting game theory, although I’m sure my execution won’t be up to par in games like KOF… but the bigger issue is that I don’t have any current-gen consoles, the newest stick I have is for the Sega Dreamcast (and I don’t have a PC adapter for it), and my choice for pad is between a damaged 360 one and a few unresponsive PS2 ones. Not to mention the sparse choice of FGs for the PC (it seems like it’s just Melty Blood, a few other donjons and hopefully Skullgirls in late 2012).

I’d really like to break into competitive FGs and eventually hit the tournament scene starting from the southeast, but I don’t really see any titles or options for me that don’t involve buying a new stick, a used console and a copy of UMvC3 or something similar. Dropping 300 bucks on it just to see if I can swim in the water is a bit out of my budget these days.

All in all, I need a bit of assistance forming a game-plan so I can climb out of this slump. If there are any PC FGs with a tourney following, I’d like to know about them, and I’d also appreciate a bit of help deciding on how to correct my controller issue: if I should look for one of the discontinued Dreamcast USB adapters, buy a new stick altogether or take another route entirely.

Thanks in advance, and take care.

play the game, goto tournaments. you can rent the console first, or goto local events to test the waters.

also, play kof. dont be lame.

SSF4:AE is on PC. Don’t know if it’s expected to get the upcoming 2012 update or not, haven’t been following it.

If you want a stick, get a TE Fightstick. If you’re fine on pad, try a Madcatz Fightpad.

Use the Regional Matchmaking forum to find gatherings in your area.

yerp you can get ae on pc. for pretty cheap too. or play super turbo on ggpo (and expect to get bodied forever) if the bug gets you, then start learning. if not, move on.

if you just want to be competitive in the fg scene, your probably gonna be sorely disappointed. og’s have been playing for 20 years and have fg fundamentals and instincts that can’t be short-cutted.

If you grow to love the thrill of competition, the process of learning, and the satisfaction of earning wins, stick with it. Fighting games will love you back if you put in the work, but you only get out of it what you put in.

if you get sick of losing, you’ll put in the training mode time and the education time to learn how to play smarter. if your pride gets in the way, you’ll keep losing the same way. stupidity is doing the exact same thing the exact same way and expecting different results.

if you’re willing to be humble and teachable, and put in the work, you might actually start to get better pretty quick.

as for equipment: get a madcatz fight pad for $30. if you grow to like it, then step your game up with the joystick. is it too much to shell out $120-ish for a controller? i don’t think so, I’ve gotten over 500 hours of use on it, with no signs of stopping. if you don’t like it you could easily sell it for around $80-$90 bucks. in my opinion, the madcatz te is one of the finest pieces of stock gaming equipment ever made, and well worth the $$$

In conclusion, i think if you’re expecting the fg community to beg you to be a part you might be sorely disappointed. If you’ve witnessed the hype and art form formed from something as seemingly silly as two video game people trying to beat themselves up, and want to be a part, know that its gonna be an uphill battle, but if you have the love, its well worth it.

If it’s a controller issue, you can just purchase a Qanba or EightArc arcade stick, since they are dual-modded. This allows you to play on PC, PS3, or Xbox360, all at the touch of a switch. The skill that you’ve developed playing fighting games on PC can easily be taken to offline tournaments, regardless of which console setup it will be.

yeah man, i’m sorry to say that one hurdle to really getting into the competitive scene is that getting some gear will be necessary. you need a good stick, and if you wanna play anything online besides SF4, you’ll need a console as well.

the one piece of real advice i would have, is if/when you finally make that decision to invest in a stick, just go all out and get a good one like a Madcatz TE or the EightArc. you will find that cheaper sticks won’t be up to par, and in the end most likely will force you to shell out more money than you would have otherwise.

unless of course you want to dedicate yourself to using a pad, which is fine as well. it’s personal preference really. but also remember the bright side is that after the initial investment, you won’t need to spend anymore money on gear at all. but then, going to tournaments can be a hefty expense as well lol

oh and also, if you’re hesitant about whether or not you’d actually enjoy competitive fighting games, go to the regional threads section and find your local scene, give it a try. that’s how most of us get involved in the first place lol

Sounds like dat wow arena fever

so from what I understand you have played just some FG on the Dreamcast?

A PC lacks in FG when compared to consoles yet you should not miss the alternatives it has to offer.

SFIV AE is the first choice.

Second choice is Blazblue Calamity Trigger.Even though it is considered outdated since most moved to the newer Blazblue games, you can purchase the game cheaply and play online with both PC and Xbox 360 players. there are still some decent players lurking around.

third choice would be GGPO and Supercade games. Maybe it does not offer the newest games but it will help you to learn and apply fundamentals by playing with experienced players.

fourth choice would be Taito X2 games. they lack online play but they’ll help you become familiar with the newer games in case you get later the console version.
KOFXIII is among them. Arcana Heart 3 and Blazblue CS1 as well.

fifth choice would be emulators but they do not offer online play either (except SNES), yet you can be introduced to some classic PS2 and Dreamcast fighters.
Also add Dosbox and Virtual OS since a lot of popular fighters were released during the DOS/Windows 95 era. Eg MK, Primal Rage, One Must Fall, Toshinsden, Cybergladiators etc Online play should be possible though I havent tried it.

sixth choice would be mugen games, indie, doujin etc but they are have not such a large fanbase.

Regarding sticks, to tell you the truth I feel comfortable with the keyboard. Catching up with the command keys (half circle, charge down-up, etc) and slowly adapting to the moves. Except maybe Blanca’s and Vega’s specials and 360 moves. But when there is lag it becomes a mess.

Look for a local scene you can go to. Even if you don’t repeat you can borrow someone’s stick for a game and get a feel for how it plays versus pad versus keyboard.
Then you can decide if you will buy your own.
My opinion : Some motions are easier on pad, but the button layout on stick can’t be beat.

The Madkatz AE sticks work on PC and PS3. Tournaments are usually held on PS3s (I hear), so if you bought a Madkatz AE stick and started playing SSFIVAE or Blazblue CSII on PC then you could learn the game on PC and play @ tournaments on PS3. I’d imagine that’d be the cheapest way to get into these games and the competitive scene.

Majority of tournaments are on xbox, the only notable exception of ps3 being the standard is at Evo.

Is it this stick?

If you do indeed have a Green Goblin, keep it. It’s arcade quality, just as good as or better than all these sticks that other people are suggesting. Get a converter or have someone install a new PCB in it so you can play it on PC, and get SF4 AE.