How to bring others down to Earth (the fighting game edition)?

Heya, didn’t know where else I could post this, so I thought I’d give it a try here:

I want to, correction, I am actively trying to build an offline community where I live. Since I live in a city in Greece, the country where almost everyone thinks that you have to be a 5-year-old to play videogames, that is rather hard.

After some brainwashing, my little “community” now stands at 4 members. Me, my roommate and two friends of ours. This thread is about one of the 2 friends.

He was playing SF4 off/online way longer than I did ( I never felt good with my fundamentals until some months later), but at some point, I overtook him, my roomate overtook him and he still remains the typical scrub with the typical scrub mentality. Seriously, if you read S-kill’s thread about “Leading a scrub to water but not being able to make them think”, he is the living embodiment of those words. He recently changed from Akuma to Gouken, because “Akuma was unplayable” and still sucking. I have tried to show him his errors patiently, give him info to read, videos to watch but nothing. All this time and still nothing.

However, he himself thinks that he is this awesome player that can beat me if “he shows his true skills” or something. But even so, I am more interested in developing a community that tries hard to get better via the help and rivalry of its members and not to engage in some personal vendetta for no reason.

The biggest surprise of them all is that he says he wants to get better and better, even if he already is, as he claims, a super player.

So, how can I show this guy that he sucks so that he can level up? I have tried patience, being ruthless and at some point making severe comments on his playstyle and even not playing him for a while.

I would be grateful if we could have a civil conversation.

Thanks in advance,
James / J-Slh.

I think it’s something he’s gonna have to realize for himself. Maybe if you guys are able to travel to some big tourney or something it’ll accellerate that process, but it seems like giving it too much effort will just be an exercise in frustration at this point.

But maybe I’m wrong and someone else will come up with a sure-fire way to make him realize he’s a scrub.

Not much you can do, the guy has to want to get better. If he doesn’t want to put in the time to do it, not much you can do.

Double perfect him, that’ll learn him.

general opinion is that you can’t make him learn if he doesn’t want to
From my own experience your best option is to practice as much as you can until you can HUMILIATE him. It’ll force him to a decision to either quit or get better.

I told this story in the newbie forum but, About 5 or six months ago I beat two guys in SF4 using one button, one guy basically stopped playing all together after that, the other one went home and started practicing like crazy, the guy who has been practicing finally worked his way up to where he can beat me sometimes, but that happened because theres no way you can hide behind excuses when someone perfectss you with one hand or one button.

Well, I guess my urge to push him on to a greater level has to do with the limited number I can play offline. I don’t like playing matches that teach me nothing. Thank you all for taking the time to reply, I appreciate it. If humiliation won’t work, I will just leave him floating in his scrub-pond ^^