How To Buy 1200 Live Points for MVC2

I wasn’t sure where to post this but I’ve seen other posts in the Trading Outlet that are trying to be helpful.

If you buy from the Zune Marketplace rather than Xbox Live you can get 1200 points for $15 rather than 2000 for $25. I did this today and was able to redeem it for MVC2.

Browse to
Click sign in at the top right hand corner
Enter your Live e-mail address and password
Click My Account at the top right hand corner below your Live ID
Click Buy Points

You will have to sign in with your Live account and click through a few checkboxes to create a Zune account. You do not have to download the software.

Hopefully this helps some of the poor bastards like myself.

well actually you dont save nothing i was about to do it til i notice that you said 1200 not 1600 but that is cool for those 1200 point games:)

Awesome tip, thanks a bunch!

The point isn’t to save money, it’s to not have to buy points that you don’t want.

i know thats y i said its good for those 1200 point games i posted then started to do it and then notice it was 1200 not 1600 i know what its for lol just read it quick thinking i was getting 1600 for 15:)

can you buy 800 too?

Yeah, you can do 2x 400:

400 Microsoft Points: Zune
Price: $5.00

1200 Microsoft Points: Zune
Price: $15.00

2000 Microsoft Points: Zune
Price: $25.00

4000 Microsoft Points: Zune
Price: $50.00

good tip…but do they keep your credit card info and auto renew your live.

they did that to me on xbox marketplace and i had to cancel my wamu card. they told me some bs that my gold was linked to to my credit card and i had to wait till it expired to cancel. ms is scandalous. it’s not worth it.

The points have nothing to do with your live subscription.

And you could’ve canceled your Live at anytime. You have to log into your account management on (can’t remove the card from the menu within the xbox).

Thanks for the post – I was asking people if this was possible to do the other day. MS’s point system is really obnoxious.

they only started that last month or i would have done that.